unexplainable connection with someone

Unexplainable Connection With Someone? Know Why

You thought it only happens in movies, but it’s happening with you!!! It’s like when Anna met Hans or Char met Ella. You feel a kind of spark near this person, an energy shift, a charged atmosphere, butterflies, tingles, and on and on.

Feeling an unexplainable connection with someone is weird as you barely know them. There could be a whole lot of reasons behind this, and the only one of them can be; “He/she seems my soulmate.”

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What are the other reasons, though?

That’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. We will cover each aspect of this problem and how to handle this situation well without letting you down.

Without further ado, here you go!

Signs of Unexplainable Connection with Someone:

Before heading on to the reasons, it’s important to know what you are actually feeling.

Here are the signs if you’re having an unexplainable connection with someone.

  • It’s like you know them from day one on the earth.
  • You met, and they just “clicked” to you.
  • You’re eager to know about them.
  • You seem energized when they’re around.
  • You can sense their presence even if you’re busy with something else.
  • Everything they do feels adorable.
  • Spending time with them becomes your top priority.
  • You make an effort to act right around them.
  • You feel addicted.

Are they actually your Soulmate?

We say a soulmate is a person who is destined to be with you, to share life with you. And there’s no doubt that we feel a soul connection with dozens of people throughout our lifetime.

This person is not necessarily meant to be your soulmate. There are terms and conditions. Maybe they don’t feel the same. Perhaps they think the same but don’t wanna be with you. And many other conditions.

The bottom line, however, is that when you feel an instant connection with someone, they can or cannot be your soulmate.

12 Reasons Why You’re Having An Unexplainable Connection With Someone:

1) They Are Literally Different

Research by Insider shows that people are drawn to people who are kind and carry good traits.

In today’s world, while everyone is busy stuffing their pockets, it’s damn hard to find a person who truly cares about others.

Maybe you found the one helping a needy person. Or you watched them buy cotton candy for a crying kid.

These can be enough reasons for your inner self to fall for them.

When someone has a caring nature and pours out positive vibes, it becomes impossible to come out of their aura.

Perhaps the person you’ve just met has a different approach towards life than other people. And that is urging you to attract towards them.

2) You Have Similarities

Having the same interests always brings two people on the same track.

If the person before you has the same taste in books, fashion, food, tv shows, and favorite celebrities, you’re definitely going to feel more comfortable around them.

Especially if your interests are rare and you often don’t find anybody having them, it can be mind-blowing to find a like-minded guy.

You’ll notice them picking the same food, same color, same ice-cream flavor, and whatnot. Excited by this idea, your brain signals ok, and you start feeling a mysterious connection with them.

3) They Bring A Good Vibe

Note it down; you don’t experience people, you experience their vibes.

Our mind stores these vibes and craves to have them again. That’s why you are always ready to hang out with the most chill person in a crew.

When you’re feeling an unexplainable connection with someone, it might be possible that they have smooth energies, and you feel relaxed around them. Some people even bring a vibe that seems to heal your inner scars. Your brain becomes addicted to these positive hits and starts admiring this person.

How come these people have such positive energies, though? It can be because of two reasons basically.

One, they are really good people at heart, non-judgemental and kind. Two; they are just giving you over-attention, and it can’t be good afterward.

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4) They Are Physically Attractive

No matter what, your eyes admire good looks.

Maybe you deny the fact that you aren’t materialistic or anything, but it is what it is!

Charming looks attract everybody at first sight. It’s pretty normal for every human being. But sometimes, it becomes a source of solid admiration.

Might be possible they have a good dressing sense or carry themselves well. Or they just have such a graceful walk and talk that you can’t ignore.

It’s ok to feel like that, but it’s away from regular if you’re just being attracted to this person by looks. It won’t be healthy for your relationship with this buddy in the long run as well.

5) They Have Strong Personality

A person who has their own opinions and beliefs is always likable and pleasant to spend time with.

Also, if someone has traits like honesty, kindness, care, independence, loyalty, and compassion, we can clearly say they have a strong personality.

Research shows that positive traits in a person can intrigue an attraction for them in other people.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by someone’s influence on you, check out you must be only emphasizing their good traits. Every human on earth has some shortcomings in their personality. Nobody is born with all-good characteristics like gods.

When you start seeing them from both angles, you might be able to keep yourself on balance and not overly obsessed with them at all.

6) You Take This Person as a Distraction

Who doesn’t like tingles, butterflies, and all?

When you have such a spirit connection with a person—you forget what your life is like these days. How everything is becoming an unsolvable crap for you!!!

In this scenario, the person before you seems like an escape. Talking to them makes your heart jumps onto the ceiling and refuses to come back.

Hence, it might be possible your mind is using this person as a distraction, and you start mistaking it with a heart connection.

7) It Can Be an Obsession

What’s meant by an obsession?

If you can’t focus on your life and always want to get a chance to spend time with a person, it’s a clear steer sign of obsession.

Obsessions are never good for building healthy relationships and a healthy mind. For a fulfilling connection, nobody should be in high regard than the other.

You can ask yourself what’s the thing you’re obsessing over about this person. It can be their confidence, popularity, coolness, or even the accent they have.

And then tell yourself, it’s just this. They aren’t worth consuming your energy.

8) They Are What You Want To Be

According to psychology, you’ll attract a person who has traits that you lack.

For instance, a low esteemed person will always fascinate the ones who have high self-esteem.

So here comes the point, maybe you’re attracted to them because they have characteristics you admire.

You wish you had a sharp mind like the other person. And BOOM! Your mind starts idealizing them.

On the flip side, it’s also possible that a guy or gal will come into your life with all the qualities you always admired in your future partner. Hence you start thinking that yes, this is the one for me.

9) You Want to Figure Out Them

Curiosity breeds infatuation.

When you meet a person and can’t just tell what they are, you start thinking about them and analyzing their behaviors.

As psychology rules suggest, people with strong personal boundaries are more desirable than people who are completely an open book.

So the reason you can’t get them out of your head may be that you’re curious to know them.

They are just mysterious, different, and unique. They are unclear whether they like you or not or whether they feel the same or not.

Men particularly suffer from this reason. Their universal nature of winning a challenge triggers them to figure out the girl working in the next cubicle in their office with whom they just had a short chat.

10) It Can Be An Anxious Attachment

Anxious attachment is an attachment style of an insecure relationship.

People suffering from it are codependent on their relations and often over-invest in others.

If you have this attachment style, you might demand affirmation and compassion from others. This can cause you to have a “seemingly” spiritual connection with people who are not supposed to be a good match at all.

Falling in love so quickly and facing problems to get over somebody you barely know are the signs of an unhealthy attachment style.

Anxious attachment is the sign that there’s an emotional void in you that needs to be filled with your own love. If you keep chasing somebody else for it, you’ll get nowhere.

11) You Fantasize The Idea To Just Be With Them

If you’re having an unexplainable connection with someone you never met, it’s a common sign of fantasizing about them.

Maybe they’re really popular around, or just are good in nature. You haven’t had a chat, but you fascinate them to be your friend or partner.

Oftentimes, we get connected with someone just because of the idea of their closeness. How cool their personality is and how cool we’ll also look by being with them.

It can’t be a must case with you. But you should dig a bit deeper and find out the reason because having the above intention is not healthy for your well-being.

12) You Are Avoiding Loneliness

The odds are that you might have a recent breakup with your ex, and you’re feeling like a lonely bird in a wide sky.

And when this person lands straight on your heart, you start romanticizing each aspect of this connection.

You allow them to preoccupy you because being lonely again is scary as hell.

Thus, the only possibility to again have an exciting life is to be with this person. And you start doing every possible thing not to lose them. This ultimately becomes an obsession, by the way.

Well, the solution to keep yourself sane in this overwhelming situation is to start doing some stuff alone.

When you keep yourself busy, you start learning to invest more time in yourself. You understand how not to be invested in others and keep things in balance.

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When You Feel A Connection With Someone Do They Feel It Too?

They can—but don’t always feel the same.

Yep, those all celebrated romantic tales depicting a revelation between two people were just—what you can say—exaggerated.

Well, it’s always not that. When you feel an intense flame for someone, they might start noticing you. Because vibes are always louder than words.

They know what you feel and so, but it always falls upon their reaction to it.

Maybe they start feeling the same energy, maybe not. If they’re genuinely into you, they will show affection, effort, and compassion. You can clearly tell whether they feel it, too, or not.

What To Do When You Feel Unexplainable Connection With Someone?

Your mind might be just feeling like hell by thinking it over and over; “Why do I feel a strong connection with someone whom even I don’t know.”

Worry not, we have got solutions for you when you feel unexplainable connection with someone.

1) Balance Your Heart And Head

At the start of interacting with someone, you may find your body over-flowing with all “feeling good” hormones.

Be conscious enough to keep a balance between your heart and head.

Enjoy these emotions but analyze the realities as well.

2) Build Healthy Boundaries

When getting the highs from a person, we often expand our boundaries for them, afraid of losing these people.

This measure can cost you and make you more preoccupied than before.

So what to do?

Regardless of what happens, hold onto your boundaries. If you tell other people only about your professional life, keep it the same with the person and not spit all the personal matters before them.

3) You May Have Low Self-Esteem

Part of the problem of why you fall for others so quickly is low self-esteem.

If anyone gives you attention initially—they can make you a desperate fan. Still, the problem is not with them because it lies deep down you.

Instead of trying to get over them, try to build high self-esteem for your well-being.

Let’s Get To The Bottom Of This:

Each emotion we ever feel becomes dangerous when we start feeling it intensely.

Apparently, you just feel an unexplainable connection with someone, but your mind knows how it becomes highly anxious both about being attracted to the person and dreading whether they think the same or not.

However, you can solve this mystery by knowing the real reason behind it and then solving the root cause.