Top 12 Billionaire Romance Books To Make Your Heart Warm

Who doesn’t like to swipe reality and go into a fantasy world of romance, care, and unconditional love? Yup, we all do.

But what if this fantasy world has our dreamy, hot, and, most importantly, billionaire hero?

Ahh, that’s even more good to get all bubbly on the inside.

Having a book boyfriend is all marvelous, but what about also making him rich as hell. The protagonist’s character is thus even more attractive.

With the same approach, we have come up with the best range of billionaire romance books that showcase a Mister Take-charge, Strong, and Savvy man. A man who never fails to pamper every desire of his love lady.

So let’s explore our list of best billionaire romance books.

1) Escorting the Billionaire

When James Preston hires an escort for his brother’s wedding as a date-not girlfriend, he has no intentions to develop feelings for her. The billionaire in this novel is a cold and ruthless kind who starts to change in the company of Audrey Reynolds.

On the other hand, we see Audrey going through a lot. Both of them are mature but, throughout the novel, are fighting for their feelings. And at last, finally, they both come to know that they are meant to be together.

2) Bad Billionaire

It’s one of those billionaire romance books in which the alpha male is ready to face any challenge for his love.

Devon Wilder is the neighbor to Olivia which she helps once before he goes to jail due to his theft crime. She never expects to see him again, but now he is out of jail and, surprisingly, an inherited billionaire.

Penthouses, fancy dinners, and private jets don’t interest him. Neither his enemies scare him because he doesn’t give a damn if all the things are gonna go up in flames. It is Olivia that he most cares about.

3) Not Quite Dating

Jack Morrison decides to hide his big bucks and the luxury hotel empire from the opposite gender to find the true love of his life.

Jessica Mann, on the other hand, is a waitress and a single mom trying to give her son a better life. She’s not into dating and resists the flirts of Jack as much as she can.

Remaining persistent, he keeps trying by helping her to find a rich husband that she dreams of. But when she finds out about how wealthy he is, their relationship tears apart for good. It’s quite a refreshing and sharp read that you don’t find out in most free romance books online.

4) The Tycoon’s Revenge

Jasmine Freeman split with her first love Derek Titan about ten years ago. At that time, their financial state was completely different. As she was the dear daughter of a business tycoon, Derek was a completely poor guy.

But now the situation is reversed as he’s become a self-made billionaire, and Jasmine is hardly making it. Intending to take revenge, Derek comes to know that he has a half-grown son, and Jasmine is not what she used to think.

5) This Man

Ava is an interior designer, and when she goes to a Manor for a meeting, she doesn’t expect to meet Jesse Ward. He is utterly handsome, super confident, and seems to have no boundaries.

She never wants to fall for him, but from the very first meeting, they both know that they are over each others’ heads.

If you wanna read those billionaire romance books that feature a relationship between a never-giving-up hero and a protecting-her-heart heroine, this novel is for you.

6) Hero

Hero is one of those free billionaire romance books online which displays a hate-to-love story.

Alexa had only one model in his life, her father unless she finds out that he doesn’t have only one family. Extremely hurt by this, she decides to turn her life up. In doing so, she meets a self-made billionaire Caine Carraway who is as hurt by her father as she is.

Trying to undo the wrongdoings, she ends up being deeply involved with him and ultimately in an explosive relationship.

7) The Stopover

We found it to be a great example of romantic novels online free read that keep you occupied until the last chapter. As Emily takes her job interview flight to New York, she’s upgraded to first class by the airline.

Where a blue-eyed, tall, wealthy, and intelligent billionaire was sitting right beside her. The conversation goes from formal to informal, and the plane takes a stopover in Boston.

In Boston, they have a crazy night full of dancing and laughing. When a whole year passes by, Emily starts her new job as a CEO, where the last thing she expected was to see those blue eyes again.

8) The Rich Are Different

It is one of those free billionaire romance books which features a manipulation to a real love tale. When young and ambitious Dinah Slade falls for an egoistic billionaire Paul van Zale, her life and desires become diverted than they were before.

At first, she takes him as a person who can make her dreams come true. But with time, she realizes their mutual passion is more than just manipulation.

9) The CEO Buys In

There are a flood of options if you wanna read billionaire romance online, but this one is so swoon-inducing that you won’t regret it.

Nathan Trainor, a billionaire, is thriving in his profession but empty at his heart. He’s unable to find a woman who sees her as more than her money.

So he and two of his billionaire friends make a bet on who can first find a loyal woman. Nathan is confused that he may have won the bet as he finds true love in his assistant, Chloe Russell.

10) On Dublin Street

Braden is that rolling-with-money person who is used to get what he wants. But this time, it’s about getting Jocelyn Butler, who has buried her emotional side four years ago.

When Braden realizes she’s not into relationships and all, he sets up some ways for them to become more attracted to one another. But soon realized he wants more than this. He wants to know exactly what happened to her in the past.

It is a refreshing and alluring billionaire romance book that fills your stomach with butterflies and makes you read it in just one sitting.

11) The Devil Wears Black

It’s the best example of romantic novels online free reading that features a romance story with a full climax. Maddie Goldbloom is crazy about making her life perfect in every area, whether it’s her career or her boyfriend.

The story starts, however, when her ex Chase Black comes back with his forceful request for patching up. She becomes completely resistant to him, but at the same time, she also wants to meet her late father’s wish.

12) The Broken One

If you wanna read billionaire romance books online that makes your heart warm with a classic romance, go for this book. It’s a story of a single mom and a billionaire who fall for each other when he returns the lost stuffed wolf of her adopted daughter, Ava.

Sebastian Romano is a billionaire developer who lost his wife and an unborn child five years ago. Now he’s nothing other than business and has zero emotions.

Well, he becomes a hero to Ava, but to Heather, he’s a mystery with a lot of sadness in his eyes. And she thinks of him as a risk to her all-happy life, which she made for herself.