This is what the screen of the new Galaxy Fit 3 looks like!

Samsung is bringing back the Fit series with the Fit 3 and its new screen! This little connected bracelet trend sports a brand new design and you will now be able to see your data in a big way.

Samsung hasn’t released a Fit device since the Fit 2 in 2020. That wait time is quite long. Which meant that this model was quickly forgotten. Except that this new feature will undoubtedly boost the success of this smartwatch series.

Appearance of the Galaxy Fit 3, supporting images

It is thanks to the publication news pictures of the Galaxy Fit 3 from Samsung that the general public discovered this connected bracelet. They recently surfaced onlineand they show a lot about design of this future device. At first glance, what’s remarkable is the size of the Galaxy Fit 3’s screen. The Fit 2 had a 1.1-inch AMOLED screen. However, the Fit 3’s screen is significantly larger on the images. This is probably a screen AMOLED.

The photos that appeared on the Internet also show a new interface of watch. Although we are not not sure what operating system you are using on the Fit 3. It is possible that the Korean brand Samsung integrates Wear OS. But it’s more likely that the company will stick to fairly simple fitness tracking software, like its previous rtOS.

The screen of the new Galaxy Fit 3 does not go unnoticed

But to come back to the main attraction of this connected bracelet, the Galaxy Fit 3 screen frame exceeds even the edges of the dial of the watch. This is an element borderless. Still, it doesn’t look very thin, which leads us to believe that the Samsung Fit 3 will be a fitness tracker A little more substantial this time. It is more practical. A large screen size is advantageous because it is easier to see the data on a bigger screen. And given its layout, it will not be more bulky than a Galaxy Watch or a Fitbit Sense.

THE below shows a set of sensors which will likely house a heart rate sensor and perhaps a temperature sensor. Samsung may use this technology. Other than that, it’s hard to know what’s going on inside the device.

A highly anticipated smartwatch

If the Galaxy Fit 2 passed a little unnoticed for the benefit of other fitness trackers like the Fitbit Charge 4 and the Versa 3, the Galaxy Fit 3 screen can make a difference. Google has proven that the market remains interesting for users with full-fledged wearables like the Galaxy Watch 6 and Pixel Watch 2. As a result, the fitness tracker revival will soon be revealed for satisfy public curiosity. The leaked photos don’t indicate when Samsung will announce the Fit 3. Although it’s possible it will be revealed during the Galaxy S 24 launch in January 2024.