This Connected Watch Boasts a Battery Life of 10 Years

The amateur maker “Valentine” is working on a connected watch Bluetooth Low Energy, aiming for a battery life of 10 years. And that, with just one charge. Using a Nordic nRF52 SoC and a Sharp memory display, this low-power smartwatch is designed to be durable and maintenance-free.

By adding a compact solar panel to constantly power the device, this DIY smartwatch could be successful with an emphasis on the term “low energy”.

A connected watch for non-commercial purposes

The fact of designing a connected watch with low consumption is not not an innovation. But it’s an excellent learning experience to advance knowledge of devices of this type. This is why Valentine was interested in this subject. This is therefore not a commercial project.. There Bluetooth Low Energy connected watchaiming for an autonomy of 10 years is a challenge that its designer launched.

A foolproof smartwatch

According to Valentine, the smartwatch should not no maintenance requiredit is not no need to open the device and she must not not include of buttons Or other moving parts. She should be sufficiently resistant to function in the depths of the ocean. And could include on-board sensors that would be able to synchronize with atomic clocks and even provide a compass, is not simple.

A well-thought-out design

There initial design of this connected watch having a battery life of 10 years revolves around a Sharp memory screen. It therefore offers a monochrome panel readable in direct sunlight. It consumes less power than liquid crystal display technologies. And like the whole device is connected to a Nordic Semi nRF52 chip, this provides control logic and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity to a smartphone. And as a sensor A temperature compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) of five coins per million is made for timekeeping.

Impressive battery level during testing

Concerning the energy consumption testsValentine used a 200 mA(h) battery, BLE at -40db on its smartwatch model. There lifetime estimated from this configuration, would be approximately 5,000 hours or approximately 200 days. And that without any power adjustment is already a very good start. This means that the connected watch can have good battery life. The magnitude of the task East still huge in order to reach the famous 10 years expected. But the designer is confident.

Considering the fact that it takes a team of highly qualified people to work on this project, to obtain such a level of battery. He is amazing that Valentine managed to achieve such results in just a few months of work.

A connected watch that has less than 10 years of battery life

Finally, Valentine also thought about the exterior appearance of its low-energy smartwatch. It presents a thick casing which protects the screen behind a mineral crystal window. And this one contains all the electric circuit of the device in a housing Stainless steel completely waterproof. In the end, it’s hard to believe that this little device really has 10 years of battery life.