“The Crown” Season 6 Part 1: What Really Happens at the End?

Until the end of the first part of season 6 of “The Crown »we explore the complex mind of Diana, Wales’ beloved princess, and witness the nuances of her relationship with Dodi Fayed.

In recent seasons, the series sheds light on the reasons for the audience’s deep affection for her and the emotional connection she sparked. Despite widespread adulation, Diana carried the burden of a painful childhood and the absence of fatherly approval. Her disappointed union only aggravated her discomfort.

Diana, still in search of herself, engages in impulsive actions at the end of season 5, despite the consequences for the royal image. Aware of the inevitable outcome of her romance with Hasnat Khan, she nevertheless lives their romance to the fullest. The series invites us to witness Diana’s final moments and the waves of shock caused by her tragic loss across the United Kingdom.

What were Mohamed Al-Fayed’s plans?

By inviting Diana to stay in Saint-Tropez, Mohamed Al-Fayed sought to build ties with British royalty. His excessive ambition pushed him to want to unite his son Dodi with Diana, despite Dodi’s attachment to Kelly Fisher, deemed unworthy by Mohamed.

The initial reluctance of Dodi gives way to an attachment to the princess, a turnaround staged in this part 1 of season 6 of “The Crown”. Faced with the abandonment of her career imposed by the Al-Fayeds, Kelly engages in a legal battle, while Mohamed fantasizes about his son proposing to Diana.

How did paparazzi culture influence Diana?

L’emergence of the paparazzi, hungry for sensational shots of celebrities, has established itself as a cultural norm, transforming the lives of public figures into lucrative commodities. Diana was one of their emblematic victims, forced to constantly hide to escape their intrusive objective. It is crucial to recognize that responsibility lies partly with news publishers, whose thirst for exclusive images fueled this ruthless hunt.

Mohamed Al-Fayed, hoping to take advantage of Diana’s notoriety, secretly orchestrated a photo shoot by renowned paparazzi, Mario Brenna, who immortalized a kiss between Diana and Dodi. The image, once published, caused a media tidal wave, and the newspapers, fond of scandal, made a big deal out of it.

Diana, relentlessly hunted, lived in anguish of these chance encounters, symbolizing a time when journalistic ethics gave way to fierce and unprincipled competition.

The decision taken by Diana and Dodi

During part 1 of season 6 of “The Crown”, Dodi is constantly harassed by his father to ask for Diana’s hand. Under paternal influence, Dodi ends up bending to this request despite his reluctance. He makes his proposal, which Diana, foreseeing such an outcome, rejects, pushing him to emancipate himself from family control.

Paralyzed by the fear of disappointing, Dodi fakes a call with his father without ever revealing his intentions. Mohamed Al Fayed, despite his affection, imposes counterproductive domination on his son. For his part, Diana opts for a maternal retirementlonging for happiness cut short by a merciless destiny.

What motivated Charles to insist that the Queen attend Diana’s funeral?

the queen in part 1 of season 6 of the crown

On August 31, 1997, the deaths of Diana and Dodi Fayed created a outpouring of universal sympathy. Their death deeply moved the hearts of the British, who felt personally touched.

Aware of this popular feeling, Charles hoped that his mother, Queen Elizabeth, shares this pain with the nation. Faced with the pain of Paris, he pleaded for the sovereign to leave the usual protocol framework. The Queen’s final decision to address the public strengthened the image of the monarchy.

Despite the tragedy, Mohamed Al Fayed still aspired to royal recognition, a vain aspiration. William and Harry, for their part, were deeply affected by this loss. It forever transformed their outlook on the world.

Did you like and last until the end of this part 1 of season 6 of “The Crown”? See you on December 14 for the sequel (with Diana’s ghost!).

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