The Best French Electric Scooter?

At the Milan Two-Wheel Show, Onemile, a French company, exhibited a electric scooter characterized by an impressive design. Called Project GT, it has two motors with a power of 1,200 watts and a 60 Ah battery, promising formidable performance.

During EICMA 2023, visitors were able to discover stands dedicated to “light” electric mobility. Most of them were occupied by a host of Chinese manufacturers offering solutions of all kinds and at all prices. However, one stand stood out: that of Onemile, a company based in Alsace. At the show, the company unveiled the concept version of the Project GT electric scooter. Find out what it promises.

The Onemile electric scooter, a great rider

Although you will have to wait before being able to test the promise of this Onemile electric scooter, it leaves a good impression. At first glance, we see that this French company has succeeded in offering a versatile and robust model.

Indeed, the design seems to have been very well thought out. Of course, there are elements taken from existing models, the swingarm and the shock absorber. But each of them reflects advanced technical thinking.

Indeed, by observing more carefully, Onemile uses visible spring shock absorbers. Thus, their rigidity can be adjusted according to the road surface and the user’s weight.

Furthermore, Team Onemile emphasizes that the Project GT benefits from an assembly that facilitates maintenance. As proof, if the IPX6 standard guarantees safe use in the rain, its deck can be removed “easily”. Moreover, this configuration allows access to the battery, its BMS and any other electronic element that requires maintenance.

In terms of comfort, this electric scooter has double suspension, a large deck and 10-inch tires. These characteristics are reinforced by an adjustable stem which allows a fairly high position.

Onemile Project GT promises performance and endurance

In addition to its ergonomics and design, the Onemile electric scooter promises a certain endurance and power. In fact, this model integrates one motor per wheel with a power of 1200 watts. The latter is quite sufficient to ensure all daily journeys. Moreover, this power risks seeming very excessive for an Escooter limited to 25 km/h. Please note that its maximum speed is 80 km/h.

The large control panel integrated into the center of its handlebars displays driving data. Emphasizing that this is still being finalized. In addition, this console has several buttons to activate the headlights and LED strips.

For now, the autonomy still needs to be verified. However, Onemile plans tooffer 70-80 km thanks to that battery with a capacity of 1500 coWh. Additionally, while charging time data remains confidential, the Project GT will come with 2 outlets.