The Apple Watch Will Soon Find a Feature Loved by Fans

The Apple Watch will bring back a popular feature with fans that was dropped when Watch OS 10 launched in September. This is the possibility of changing the dial of connected watch with a simple swipe.

This feature is expected to be released next month, as it is part of Watch OS 10.2. Here’s what it’s all about.

A timely return of functionality

He is hard to know why Apple chose to get rid of the swipe function to personalize the Apple Watch. Especially since the bitten apple brand replaced it with a more cumbersome method of customizing the screen.

Instead of a simple swipe, the owner of an Apple Watch must long press on the screen of his connected watch. Then he must select another dial watch in dragging Or turn the digital crown. Which is quite complicated in short. Of course, the current steps to follow are not insurmountable. But it requires extra effort to apply them. This is a more time-consuming way to do it. Therefore, the return of this customization functionality for Apple Watch delights fans of the brand.

A return eagerly awaited by Apple fans

When the functionality of slippage has been ousted by Apple on their connected watches, a number ofusers have expressed their dismay online.

Indeed, when this change became apparent it became difficult to move from one dial to another for people who like to customize the image of their watch. This made theuse of the Apple Watch very laborious for those who do not quickly get used to it. And it’s not like Apple added a new feature in place of swiping. This is why it is frustrating to see that if you swipe now, nothing happens. Which means that the return of this feature is eagerly awaited by fans, because it would resolve this problem.

News spotted in Watch OS 10 beta 3

It is by having tested the beta 3 version of Watch OS 10 that an Internet user has spotted THE back imminent dial change function watch by sliding. And that is very good news. For many Apple Watch fans, this functionality has a long time summer appreciated.

It must be said that the current long press method is not bad. But for those who appreciate quick-swipe simplicity to change the face of their Apple Watch, watch OS 10.2 will allow you to do better. It should be noted, however, that in its current form, the feature is not a default setting. You will therefore have to configure your watch to have quick access to it. You will have to go in Settings and Clock For select scanning method.

Either way, it seems that the American giant will offer both the current method and the old one method to change watch face. All you have to do is choose the one you prefer.