The actors with the royal faces of season 6 of ‘The Crown’

New characters are added to the new faces of the latest season of the saga of British royalty. So here we are with a new line-up of actors, for this season 6 of “The Crown” on Netflix.

So far, the series has traced five decades of the monarchy’s history. From the union of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in 1947, to the highly publicized divorce between Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

The sixth season of “The Crown”, launched in two parts, the first on November 16 and the second on December 14, promises to spark debate, revisiting events that remain vivid in the public mind. Spanning from 1997 to the 2000s, this final season will revisit key moments. We will see in particular the death of Diana, the first university emotions between Prince William and Kate Middleton, and potentially, we are whispered, another royal union.

Here is a spotlight on the actors of “The Crown” who represent British royalty in this more contemporary season 6 of the chronicle.

Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

Season five concluded in the shadow of the impending drama of Diana’s disappearance. In season 6, Elizabeth Debicki plays the last hours of the princess. This includes, of course, the distressing pursuit of the paparazzi which led to his tragic road accident. Debicki recently expressed how it was grueling to reenact these terrifying chasesemphasizing the feeling of suffocation and the horror of being assailed by a demanding and noisy crowd.

Dominic West as Prince Charles

According to the actor, the final episodes of season 6 of “The Crown” represent an extremely difficult period in the life of Prince Charles. It shows him confronted with the loss of Diana and the challenges of sharing this painful news with her sons, while supporting them in their grief. The series also appears to touch on happier times in his life, including his 2005 marriage to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth II

Imelda Staunton takes over from Claire Foy and Olivia Colman to play the Queen in the Netflix series, becoming the third actress to take on the role. Season six will feature new challenges for the character, notably in 2002, where, just five years after Diana’s death, which sparked a controversial response from the monarchy, the Queen had to deal with the loss of two of the people closest to her: her sister, Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

Meg Bellamy and Ed McVey as Kate Middleton and Prince William

As a reminder, season four revisited the difficult beginnings of the relationship between Prince Charles and Diana, highlighting the pressure felt by Charles to choose a suitable wife and that suffered by Diana to quickly adapt to a public role.

The Dynamics of Early Romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton at the University of St. Andrews promises to be just as captivating, with Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy playing the heir to the crown and his future wife, respectively.

Luther Ford as Prince Harry

Although Harry is a prominent media figure in reality, his character, played by actor Luther Ford, takes a supporting role in season 6 of “The Crown.” Peter Morgan, the creator of the series, indicated that Harry’s character is primarily developed through his relationship with William. Morgan likely limited the story around Harry, just like that of Prince Andrew, due to the fact that neither are direct successors to the thronee.

Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip

Following the tragic death of Princess Diana, Prince Philip played a role of crucial support for his grandsonsPrince William and Prince Harry, in their grieving process. It was he who encouraged the young princes to take part in the funeral procession, walking behind their mother’s coffin from Kensington Palace to Westminster Abbey. By telling them that he would accompany them on this march, he provided important moral support.

Claudia Harrison as Princess Royal Anne

Princess Anne proved to be the unexpected star of season three thanks to her sharp one-liners and blunt interventions. However, given the abundance of royal intrigue to develop, she may remain a supporting character in this season unless Morgan chooses to delve into a lesser-known part of her story. Indeed, in 2002, Anne marked the history of the royal family by becoming the first of its members to be convicted of an offenseafter admitting to not having controlled his dog which had bitten two children.

Olivia Williams as Camilla Parker Bowles

With the “Tampongate” affair behind her, Camilla Parker Bowles is moving toward lighter events in the new season of “The Crown.” One example is Prince Charles’s 1997 ‘Arabian Nights’-themed extravagant birthday party, hosted by a typical ’70s disco band — an event where Olivia Williams, who plays Camilla, suggested that his character would let himself go a clumsily charming dance. The 2000s marked Camilla Parker Bowles’ much-anticipated debut in the public spotlight, officially appearing on the arm of Prince Charles in 1999 and becoming his wife in 2005.

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret

The sumptuous monarchy faces a melancholy epilogue in the final installments of the series, which will highlight the rapid decline in Margaret’s health. Manville, who reprized her role as Margaret for the fifth season, shared her thoughts on the unique challenges faced by a woman facing the loss of her dazzling status, especially after having been in the spotlight for a long time. Managing this transition would have been, according to her, a particularly difficult ordeal.

Marcia Warren as the Queen Mother

The Queen Mother spanned the history of four royal generations before passing away in 2002, at the ripe old age of 101, becoming the oldest British monarchy of her time. In the series, she is often seen as a breath of fresh air from the rigor and formality of the royal court, being one of the rare figures who dares to stand up to the queen with confidence.

Khalid Abdalla as Dodi Fayed

The fifth season introduced the character of Dodi Fayed, seductive son of billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed, beginning a relationship with Princess Diana which was allegedly encouraged by his father. Season 6 of “The Crown” will feature the last moments shared by actors Debicki and Abdalla, aka Diana and Dodi, as well as the astonishing dynamics of their relationship.

Matilda Broadbridge as Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton, Kate’s youngest sister, is set to play a key supporting role for her older sister, who finds herself in the spotlight and under intense pressure as the partner of one of the most high-profile personalities of the planet.

Bertie Carvel as Tony Blair

Tony Blair, having served as the tenth Prime Minister during the reign of Elizabeth II, is a recurring character in Peter Morgan’s work. “The Crown” creator previously portrayed Blair in several previous productions, such as the 2003 television drama “The Queen,” the 2006 film “The Queen” and 2010’s “The Special Relationship.” Emmy-winning Morgan Awards, has acquired such mastery in writing Blair’s lines.