Smart Band 8, Ambiq and Xiaomi are on the scene!

Like the new connected bracelet of Xiaomi is currently getting a lot of attention, who are the real players behind this success? The answer is simple. The Smart Band 8 is the result of a collaboration between Ambiq and Xiaomi.

This new smartband is designed to help consumers define their unique style while providing a wide range of health and fitness features. This is how this project was born.

The union of Ambiq and Xiaomi to create the Smart Band 8

On November 15, 2023, Austin, TX – Ambiqas well as the Xiaomi brandcollaborated to design THE Xiaomi Smart Band 8a new stylish connected bracelet within the reach of all consumers.

This new tracker is therefore a product combining technology of one of the greatest leaders recognized in the field of semiconductors and the knowledge from one of the largest consumer electronics companies.

Xiaomi manufactures smartphones and quality connected equipment. Ambiq is very good at making ultra-low consumption products for IoT terminals. And these two actors have completely revisited a connected bracelet in terms of its appearance, its characteristics and its functionalities.

The Smart Band 8, a connected bracelet with impressive performance

If the most manufacturers of connected bracelets reluctant to add features to their products due to power constraintsour partnership with Xiaomi ignores this problem. This is why “the Xiaomi Smart Band 8 redefines what a connected bracelet can be”. These are the words spoken by Fumihide Esaka, CEO of Ambiq.

The collaboration between Ambiq and Xiaomi therefore gave birth to the Smart Band 8. It offers cutting-edge graphicsA intelligent processing and a dynamic interface. Powered by Ambiq’s Apollo 4 Blue Lite SoC, the Smart Band 8 offers exceptional performance. And this, while maintaining a remarkable energy efficiency. This allows users to enjoy a pleasant usage experience throughout the duration of its charge.

Features improving user experience

Finally, having focused on the style of the Smart Band 8, Ambiq and Xiaomi present a connected bracelet including 200+ predefined watch faces. He is customizable as desired to match your style with a wide selection of watch faces. Additionally, the original silicone strap can easily To be replaced by other models.

Her AMOLED screen high resolution of 1.62″ East crystal clear. You’ll enjoy vibrant colors and crisp text on a larger, improved screen. And his 16 days of autonomy in normal use on a single charge are ideal. They will allow you to enjoy all the internal features of this device. As it is a tracker equipped with more than 150 sports modes, you will easily achieve your fitness goals. And in terms of health, this little gem of technology will allow you to Stay fit informing you about your settings. Then, it is important to consider the fact that the price of this quality product is affordable.