Pay Your Public Transportation Fares With a Galaxy Watch!

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch 45 or 6, you will now be able to access better mobility by paying your public transport costs thanks to your connected watch.

This is happening in Île-de-France. SO? Want to try this experience? This is a clever way that accelerate the dematerialization of transport tickets. Here’s what it is.

Since the end of the global Covid-19 epidemic, many habits have remained anchored in the daily lives of many city dwellers in France. THE contactless payment is part of. And in order to facilitate your travel and mobility in urban centres, it is now possible to purchase a contactless transport ticket via your Galaxy Watch.

This process was implemented with the aim of making life easier for many users often taking public transport. And experience already knows quite a few success in Île-de-France. This saves people time. By simply showing the screen of their connected watch to a machine, people participating in this experiment can take the train faster.

Steps to benefit from better mobility via your Galaxy Watch

No more need for spend several minutes look for your pass at the bottom of his bag. Your smartwatch East at hand. In addition, you will no longer have to queue at station to recharge your plan. Simply follow the following steps. They will allow you to buy your tickets more quickly.

Through your Android smartphone, buy and recharge your package by connecting to the Île-de-France Mobilités network. Then, once this step is done, you can use your Galaxy Watch to pay for your trips. Your Samsung watch serves as your password. Easy, right?

So far, the experiment is not only open to 10,000 testers. But if you want to participate in this experience to enjoy better mobility with your Galaxy Watch, simply register for trials. You will then receive a explanatory email confirming your participation. And voila.

He is truly interesting to test contactless validation in the station. This will give you a additional reason of make use of capabilities of your smartwatch trendy. Not to mention the fact that this contributes to the dematerialization of paper transport tickets. Instead ecological is not it ?

Some details to take into account

Finally, let’s remember that when experimenting with contactless payment of your transport costs, you must have a Samsung connected watch Galaxy Watch generation 4, 5 or 6. THE earlier models are not not taken into account. Then Android version of your smartphone must also be recent (version 8 minimum). Otherwise, you will not be able to download and install the Île-de-France Mobilités application.

By meeting these conditions, you will be able to purchase Booklet and t+ ticket individuallyof the Orlybus and Roissybus titlesof the Navigo Day, Week or Month. Finally, you will be able to purchase tickets Navigo Young Weekend.