55+ Negative Words Starting With W

Negative words starting with W are words that have a negative connotation, meaning they represent something undesirable, unpleasant or bad. Such words are often used to describe things or situations that are not favorable or that evoke negative emotions, such as sadness, anger, or disgust.

These words can be used in various contexts, including describing a person’s behavior, emotions, or attitude, as well as describing events, objects, or circumstances. Some common negative words starting with “W” include “wicked,” “weakness,” “worthless,” and “whiny.”

It is essential to use these words thoughtfully and appropriately to avoid causing offense or misunderstanding.


55+ Negative Words Starting With W

Here are 55+ negative words starting with W along with their meanings:

Wail – to cry out in grief or pain

Waning – decreasing gradually in strength or size

War – a state of conflict and hostility

Warped – twisted or distorted

Washout – a complete failure

Waste – to use or spend without care or reason

Wasted – to have lost or thrown away something valuable

Wasteful – using or spending resources without necessity

Watchful – alert and vigilant

Weak – lacking in strength or power

Weakened – reduced in strength or effectiveness

Weakening – becoming weaker

Wearied – tired or exhausted

Wearisome – tiring or tedious

Weary – feeling or showing tiredness

Weeping – crying in sorrow or distress

Weighty – heavy or burdensome

Weird – strange or unusual

Wicked – evil or morally wrong

Wickedness – the state or quality of being wicked

Wild – uncontrolled or untamed

Wilderness – an uncultivated or uninhabited area

Wilful – intentional or deliberate

Willful – stubborn or disobedient

Wilted – drooping or withered

Wily – cunning or deceitful

Wince – to flinch or grimace in pain or discomfort

Windy – characterized by strong winds

Wiry – thin and tough

Wiseacre – a person who pretends to be knowledgeable or clever

Withdrawn – unsociable or aloof

Withheld – kept back or restrained

Withered – shriveled or dried up

Witless – foolish or stupid

Woebegone – sad or miserable

Woeful – full of sorrow or distress

Woes – troubles or misfortunes

Wolfish – savage or ravenous

Worn-out – exhausted or dilapidated

Worry – to feel anxious or uneasy

Worrying – causing anxiety or concern

Worse – inferior or less favorable

Worsen – to become worse

Worst – the least favorable or most severe

Wounded – injured or hurt

Wrangle – to argue or dispute angrily

Wrathful – full of anger or rage

Wretched – miserable or pitiful

Wrong – incorrect or unjust

Wrongful – unjust or illegal

Wry – twisted or distorted in an amusing way

Wear – to cause to become exhausted or worn out

Withdrawn – uncommunicative, introverted or isolated

Wild – out of control, unruly or reckless

Wailful – mournful or sorrowful crying

Worrisome – causing worry or concern

Wilted – drooping or withered

Warped – distorted or twisted out of shape

Wounding – causing injury or harm

Withholding – refusing to give or share

Wayward – disobedient or difficult to control

Waning – decreasing or fading.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, negative words starting with the letter “W” can be a useful way to describe negative or unpleasant experiences, emotions, or behaviors. These words have a negative connotation and are often used to convey a sense of dissatisfaction, disappointment, or frustration.

It is important to use these words appropriately and thoughtfully to avoid causing offense or misunderstandings. By using language carefully and precisely, we can communicate our thoughts and feelings more effectively and avoid unnecessary conflict or confusion.