How to Overcome Procrastination?

How Overcome procrastination and maximize your chances of being appointed to your dream position? You are currently in looking for a job ? Do you wake up every day with the firm intention of taking the necessary steps to find a job?

But, eventually, if you let time pass, the day ends faster than expected and that tendency is permanently Postponed until tomorrow It becomes your daily life. If you’re wondering how to Overcome procrastination you will find solutions to Put an end to procrastination And get your job!

during a period of time looking for a job, procrastination can become your biggest enemy! fact Postpone It can cause you to miss out on wonderful and great career opportunities. It will most likely pass under your nose.

Even though you are aware of the issues, you are unable to take action and a feeling of anxiety and guilt gradually takes over. At this point, the question that often arises is: “Why am I procrastinating?”. You feel guilty for not doing anything to achieve your goal, but you still can’t do it. This feeling paralyzes you and prevents you from leaving your comfort zone.

First, take the blame from yourself. Search for work or search for First job It can seem like an insurmountable climb and can take some time to implement. You find yourself facing the unknown, uncertainty, and questioning throughout this process. Today, StudentJob supports and helps you Overcome procrastinationStop feeling guilty and take action.

Overcome procrastination

5 tips to stop procrastinating

Sometimes it is difficult to take actionStop procrastinating. You don’t know where to start, how to do it, or how to get support in your efforts to achieve it looking for a job. Create a CV And Write a cover letter It seems like a chore to you laziness Then he gradually takes over.

I assure you, it is easier to do this Postponed until tomorrow Instead of facing yourself and your fears. However, you have to start somewhere and take it one step at a time. Here are 5 tips for Put an end to procrastination!

to Overcome procrastinationIt is important to create a routine in order to organize your daily life. The first thing you can do is create a schedule that includes the tasks you have to do in the morning, noon, and evening. Once created, this will allow you to see what you have to do, what you still have to do, but also wake up every morning with a specific goal. Furthermore, creating a routine will allow you to develop repetitive behaviors, which will later become habits and eventually automatic behaviors. The goal here is to get rid of the feeling of restriction and address your problems looking for a job in a positive way.

Obviously you are not a robot! As we said before, you have to start step by step. Every small step you take is another step closer to your main goal, so don’t panic! in End of procrastination It won’t happen overnight looking for a job It is a process that can be long. So you shouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself. Every day, set yourself simple, achievable goals, so there’s no need to overburden yourself with work. This would cause the opposite effect to the intended result. You may quickly feel overwhelmed by the situation and feel frustrated. You will also create a feeling of anxiety in the face of the mountain of things you have set yourself to accomplish. The idea is not to become obsessed with productivity, but rather to be proud of what you accomplished at the end of the day.

    • Organize and sequence your tasks


Generally, procrastination This is explained by the lack of precise and specific guidelines. The more global the task, the more difficult it is to get to work. For this reason, it is necessary to divide general tasks into small tasks to avoid them Postpone. You can create Make a list In order to set your priorities and clarify what your primary tasks are at the moment. This will allow you to improve your productivity and manage your time better, as well as achieve your daily goals with peace of mind and gradually move closer to your goal.

If you want Overcome procrastination To find a job quickly, you don’t have to be too hard on yourself. In the process that will lead you to Stop procrastinating And improve your looking for a jobYou have to allow yourself enjoyable moments without feeling guilty. During the day, give yourself time to devote yourself to something you enjoy, get out for fresh air alone or with friends, read a book or watch a movie. Don’t just focus on completing your daily tasks! When you take breaks, it also improves your focus and efficiency.

To avoid losing productivity and feeling guilty afterwards, it is necessary to work in good conditions. Find a place to calm down and avoid distractions. The work environment plays a big role in motivation. Choose a quiet, healthy place where you will find it less difficult to concentrate. To avoid distraction, you can also set a timer. This will prevent you from getting distracted by checking your notifications, then spending 10 minutes on your phone which will eventually turn into an hour on social media. You probably know this too, but your bed or sofa are not ideal workplaces. Choose a space with a chair, table, and enough lighting so you don’t tire your mind more quickly.

Now that you have the keys that will allow you to do this Overcome procrastination. It’s time to take action to find your dream job! In order to provide you with the best support looking for a jobyou can also read all our Tips about To applyFind a CV example It matches your sector of activity and enhances your job opportunities.

3 anti-procrastination apps

Here are 3 apps Anti-procrastination Which will help you organize yourself on a daily basis:

Jungle: Stay focused

This fun app helps you focus and reduce the time you spend in front of a screen during the day. The principle is simple: every time you plan a moment of concentration, plant a tree seed in the forest and set its duration to at least 10 minutes. If you exit the application while the seed is growing, your tree will die.


    • Very suitable for students during the revision period


    • Thanks to your efforts, you can fight deforestation by planting real trees


    • Reward system that makes it fun to use



    • The app costs €3.99 to purchase


    • You cannot create a schedule


    • It may take some time to collect the coins


Goal map: Well-being goals

Goalmap is a personal development app that helps you stick to your resolutions. The principle is also very simple: set personal goals that you can customize according to your needs. Once configured, Goalmap sends you periodic reminders and you can track your progress via the app. If motivation drops, the app sends you motivational quotes to help you achieve your goals.


    • Podcast: Access recorded training by experts


    • The application is free


    • You can set yourself different and varied goals (diet, sleep, exercise, budget, etc.)



    • You will be limited to 5 goals in the free version


    • Requires minimal personal organization at first


    • Some features can only be accessed in the premium version


Focus on tasks: Pomodoro and tasks

Focus To-do is an anti-procrastination app based on the Pomodoro method. This method consists of sequencing your work time through 25-minute sessions and a 5-minute break between each period of intense concentration. With Focus-To-do, you can also plan and manage your daily tasks and create reminders when needed.


    • It allows you to categorize your goals into sub-goals and organize your tasks by project


    • The application is free


    • Combines system timer and task management



    • The app consumes phone power quickly


    • The premium subscription is relatively expensive


    • Some features become payable after a few days of use


All you have to do is choose the application Anti-procrastination Who suits you!

We’ve given you all the keys to overcoming procrastination, do you already feel ready to apply? Discover all Our job offers In France and abroad, quickly pick up your future career !