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How to Overcome Fear and Nervousness of Job Interview

The big day is coming up! After countless hours of hard work and preparation, you are finally ready for the big interview at your dream company. You have the choice either to make it or break it for your career.

But there is a problem! You are anxious and fearful as you do not know what will happen in the interview. In such time, you are looking for the most effective ways to cope with interview anxiety and how to overcome the fear and nervousness of a job interview.

If YES, then continue reading as this interview guide will take you to the SEVEN most effective and practical ways by which you can eliminate the fear and nervousness of a job interview in a matter of seconds.

But before moving on to the 7 successful ways, know that the feeling of nervousness and anxiousness in the interview is normal. According to a recent survey, 73% of people said that they feel nervous about the idea of a job interview. So, if you too suffer from this, keep your worries calm as you are not alone. If you truly understand it, half of your fear of a job interview will already be gone.

7 Tips to Overcome Fear and Nervousness During Job Interview

Now, let’s come to our 7-step formula of overcoming the fear and nervousness of a Job Interview.

  1. Stop Every Negative Thought That Comes to Your Mind

When you are nervous and feeling down, the mind starts generating negative thoughts that can further indulge you in the negativity. The best way to cope with it is to say ‘STOP’ to your mind whenever it gives you a negative thought.

Do not fall prey to indulging in the negative cycle, because if you do, it will quickly shake your confidence and you will succumb too early in the interview – resulting in your failure.

  1. Tell Your Mind You Already Know the Interview Panel

It is human psychology that we feel more comfortable with the people that we already know and less comfortable with the ones we are first meeting with. So, before your interview starts, try convincing your mind that you already know the persons sitting in the interview panel.

If it is not possible for you to convince, try to act and behave like you already know the interview panel. This too will give you a sense of confidence for the interview.

  1. Prepare Your Answers and Examples Before Interview Starts

We always feel less intimidated by the things that we have already prepared. So, prepare a list of questions that are most anticipated and make sure to recall relevant examples as well.

For example, a common question in the corporate sector is to tell your experience when you were faced with a difficult situation. For this question, you must have one or two examples already prepared just to make sure you do not have to recall them at the spot.

You can get a list of predictable questions from this link.

  1. Give an Honest Self Talk

Honest self-talk can boost your motivation level many folds. You can do this either by finding a quiet place and talking loud or by talking in your head. In your self-talk, just remind yourself that you are smart, you are more prepared, more qualified, and probably more enthusiastic about this position. Also, count all your traits and positive points that make you a more competitive and deserving candidate than all the others in the competition.

This self-affirmation will not only give a boost to your confidence but also generate positive energy in your body that will keep you motivated in the interview room.

  1. Keep a Meaningful Smile on Your Face

This may sound unfamiliar to many but a smile is an anti-stress in the body. When you smile, your whole body muscles relax and positive energy is released in the body. This is why a smile is often linked to better health.

Smile also makes you more confident, even when you are faking it. And if you maintain it during your interview, it keeps your nerves calm and composed. A smile is also the best tool to leave a good impression on the hiring manager. So, make sure you have a smiling face in your important interview.

  1. Give Leading Answers to Interview Questions

Remember that you cannot answer every question that is being asked. Some questions are asked just to check how you react when you do not know the answer to a question. But the problem arises when you do not know the answer to a couple of consecutive questions.  If this happens, you will lose your confidence no matter how much you have practiced.

To avoid this, always give leading answers – answers that lead the interview panel to your favorite topics. For instance, if you are interested in talking about leadership, lead your answers to leadership so the next questions are asked about it. This way, you can make the interview easier – just like you wanted it to be.

  1. Visualize Yourself in the Interview Room

Visualization has the power to take you anywhere you always wanted to land. This time, make the interview room your destination and think about your interview process going smoothly.

Try to map in your mind how the questions are being asked and how you are answering them in a more convincing and friendly tone. This will bring the power of positive thinking into play and your mind will be convinced of the positive results. Once it is convinced, your fear and nervousness will fall apart.

These seven steps on how to overcome the fear and nervousness of a job interview, if applied right, can make your interview experience the most memorable and effective one. But make sure, you are prepared enough and have the required knowledge and skills for the job. If you do not have the job knowledge and relevant experience, no interview can help you secure your interview.


Treat your interview as a normal conversation and do not let it occupy your brain. If it does, you will be already failed before the interview even starts. Just keep things normal and keep preparing for it with these seven steps. Remember to do this in front of a mirror or in private before appearing for the actual interview – only if you want maximum results.

If you take these seven steps right, you will ace your interview anyway!

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