How Do You Have Fun While You Are a Student?

It is true that when we are students, having fun is Not an action we often want to do. Between classes and homework, we can quickly find ourselves exhausted and as a result, we may tend to not want to relax.

That’s the understanding, but let me tell you the truth: you can be a student, have fun, and still be among the best in your class.

I will stop you immediately, it has nothing to do with magic.

1. What is entertainment?

It is almost impossible to understand How to have fun when you are a student¬†we don’t really know what entertainment is.

According to my dictionary, it is relaxation, distraction, and rest. It’s something to distract you from serious matters.

2. Why should you have fun?

Entertainment is very important, no matter your age or profession. I would even say that having a good time is just as important as eating, drinking or sleeping.

A party among young people

Unless you’re an unconscious billionaire prince, you surely know that humans are constantly under stress, almost every day.

Excess cortisol (stress hormone) in the body puts us at risk of depression, cardiovascular disease, mental illness, and more.

But one of my favourite reasons is just that Entertainment improves the quality of our work because of having a relaxed mind and productive mind.

3. When should you have fun?

No, we don’t just have fun on the weekends!

As I mentioned a little above, having a good time is just as important as eating, drinking or sleeping.

Do you agree with me that going a whole day without eating anything is as destabilizing as a night without sleep? It feels like we missed something, and that’s absolutely true.

Likewise, we must enjoy every day, without exception, but in moderation.

You can do whatever you want with your day, but set aside at least two hours for fun, this is very important. Above all, as a student, you have to choose Good entertainment.

4. Good entertainment

Good entertainment These are actions that give you pleasure or satisfaction in the short term and that bring you added value in the long term.

Rest near the lake

When it’s time to have fun, especially during the week, follow healthy practices such as reading a book (depending on your preference), exercising, cooking, listening to music, walking, playing an instrument, dancing, playing puzzle games, and watching movies. A movie or series (preferably one with humour), meditate, write (diary or blog), chat a little with your loved ones, etc.

You will notice that I did not mention social networks in the first place in my list because they bring us much less relaxation than one might think.

5. Bad entertainment

Unlike good entertainment, bad entertainment gives you pleasure in the short term but destroys you in the long term.

This may include going to clubs, taking alcohol or drugs, doing risky activities, having sex (for young people), playing video games with aggressive content, watching pornography, talking too much, smoking, etc.

6. Be careful not to overdo it

So obviously anything in excess is harmful, so you have to be very careful not to fall into the trap of excess in both directions.

Too much work without fun destroys you, but too much fun destroys you too. This excess is often caused by a lack of motivation or poor time management.

So you urgently need to learn how to manage your time well and to do that I advise you to read Seven essential tips for better time management.

There you will learn simple but very effective tips to stay motivated and how to take the right action at the right time.

7. Conclusion

Entertainment is not just a weekend or summer holiday, it is an everyday thing.

You should always take care of yourself no matter the circumstances because your health comes first.

Do you have a favourite entertainment? Feel free to let me know in the comments.