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7 Websites That Pay to Read Books Aloud

Rick Holland says “The world belongs to those who read” and what if we modify it into the world that belongs to those who read and get paid to read books aloud?

Yes, a book reader these days can surely get paid to read books aloud.

Not only the writers but also the readers can earn through various resources available on different platforms. If you have an engaging voice and the talent to speak well, this is the right place for you.

Here I have shortlisted some widely known as well as highly paid websites, which are offering the best rates for book readers to narrate the audiobooks.

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Let’s get started to dig into the ways given below on how one can get paid to read books aloud.


ACX is considered the biggest forum for book narrators. There are hundreds of books to be narrated and numerous niches are available. You can pick whichever you want. Here you can get paid to read books because different companies linked to amazon provide the best rate per hour.

One more perk on ACX is the availability of royalty shares from the sales of the audiobooks. Moreover, there is a high chance to get paid according to your desired predetermined hourly rate if once your work is approved by the authors.

What you have to do is open ACX, there are plenty of options to make money by reading books aloud. Select the genre, language, and voice type, and start submitting your audiobook audition.


Another great platform for spoken content is Audible which is one of Amazon’s companies. Audible offers a wide range of audiobooks and other spoken stuff for its users.

You can also access ad-free podcasts on this site which is another big deal. It means another go-to remunerable marketplace for audiobook narrators.

Audible is considered the most easily accessible place to get paid. Why? Because of its fame as the best retailer and scam-proof company. On the other hand, the availability of Audible on Android has made it effortless for narrators to be aware of the latest offers for new books.

If you have a goofy and attractive voice, you can access any content. And it can be a great opportunity for you to get paid by reading books aloud.


Auditioning is sometimes a big hurdle for spoken content creators. VoiceBunny has made it easy to just create your account and set your own demanded rates and niche.

The chance is that various companies can approach and offer their packages to voice over their books. This can be the best opportunity if you’re trying to make money by reading audiobooks.

For this platform, there is an estimation that voiceover artists are earning approximately $3,000 for longer scripts and audiobooks. The rate is decided for words that range from 5 to 5,000. But this website also expects high-quality work if they are offering good revenues.

For final words, to advertise your reading skills, VoiceBunny is the first-rate platform for newbies as well as professional audiobook narrators to make money.

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The Voices

If you are looking to earn money online by reading books then this website is your place to go. First, you will get a membership on the site that can be basic or premium. After uploading the demo, the website starts finding the clients according to your provided skill.

Once you are approached, there are high chances to get called by clients again and again. To get possibly paid by reading, you just decide your hourly rates and there starts the project.

Although The Voices works similar to ACX, there is no royalty share on audiobooks. Once the work is done you are paid within or after two weeks. Well, still it is a decent income source for many book narrators. So you can explore this platform as well.

Brilliance Audio

Another source of finding spoken projects, as there are a lot of books available on Brilliance Audio to be narrated. Brilliance Audio is considered the best-selling fiction and nonfiction audiobooks industry. Being a part of Amazon, Brilliance is the forum where an audiobook narrator can earn money on demand.

By giving a demo and getting the work done from authors is all that a book reader needs. But you have to maintain the quality with a professional accent and the best pitch of voice.

If you are not an expert, you still need not worry. There is a lot of stuff available on Youtube to learn and get started with this thing. Just learn the basic skills through videos on how to read books and just get ready to get paid.


The biggest deal about Voice123 is that the forum can be used by narrators in over 100 countries and you might be the one to get work from. Open to sign up and complete the bio.

Unlike other audiobook platforms, it saves your time not auditioning and accessing available projects. Just after completing the profile, it brings work to you through emails.

Once the profile is complete you may set your own rates for reading books online to make money. If the samples are approved and the budget is accessible then you might have your job done to get paid from reading books.

Isn’t that a legit place to make money online? Definitely, it is. Because huge companies are working and giving chances to talented audiobook narrators.

Spoken Realms

The advancement of producing audiobooks by the Spoken Realm is the new way to go. A narrator provides them with the voice and they set the production for you. Interesting, huh?

Again, their engine will match the author according to your profile or the sufficient information you have provided. It means there are high chances to get profitably paid by reading books.

However, it’s totally up to them on which platform they are going to distribute your audiobook whether on Audible, iTunes, etc.

And definitely, more chances are there for you to earn and have projects with eminent companies or publishers. So, this is another legit platform to make money online by reading books.

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Final Words

Among all the categories of book reading jobs, the audiobook narrator or voiceover artists bring more money in the bucket. Because all the platforms discussed above can offer the best international proposals to the narrators.

Moreover, the royalties offered by these forums for seven years is another chunk of profit a book reader can have. Now, what’s better than that!

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