Fashion Jobs in Paris: What You Need to Know

Is fashion a field that attracts you? What if the best way to develop your career was first? Fashion jobs in pennsylvaniaReiss, fashion city? Have you thought about it? Do you currently want to find it in a file fashion career, But don’t know where to start? StudentJob is here to help!

After reading this article, you will know everything there is to know about the luxury and fashion sector in Paris, the different types of fashion contracts, the best ways to improve your application and finally what… Fashion career It really is for you. I want to know more. Don’t move and get ready to get your future Fashion jobs in Paris.

Fashion jobs in paris

Fashion in Paris

When we talk about fashion and… Fashion jobs paris It is an irreparably unmissable destination. From the creation of department stores to Le Bon Marché to the first fashion shows 19th century. And without forgetting the main figures in the world of fashion and luxury, such as Coco Chanel, Christian Dior and Yves Saint Laurent. The City of Lights witnessed the birth of some of the greatest modern movements. This is why Paris has undoubtedly remained the capital of fashion for centuries.

This leadership position makes it a true hub of possibilities to expand your business Fashion Network It is full of professional opportunities in the fashion sector.

On the other hand, you probably already know it, but twice a year Paris also hosts one of the biggest events in the fashion world: Paris Fashion Week. week of Fashion in Paris In numbers it is:

    • €1.2 billion benefits to fashion in Paris annually.


    • 27 trade shows


    • 100,000 individual visitors per year to fashion shows


And even more opportunities to find your own Fashion job in Paris! Of course, so is Paris The place to be If you are looking for a job in the fashion field. Moreover, if you want to expand your possibilities, you can also find everything we have Job offers in Paris.

Employment in Fashion Jobs: Tips for applying to fashion

At StudentJob, you’ll find it all Application tips Which can be applied in general. However, the fashion sector is very special, and has its own specific rules and regulations that you must follow and respect in order to improve your job opportunities. Keep reading if you want to know more!

Fashion jobs in Paris application

In the fashion sector, appearance and aesthetics are often the first things that come up, but be careful not to focus everything on the appearance of your CV and above all don’t overdo it! Of course, your resume should be attractive so that it immediately grabs the attention of a recruiter. However, at the time Create your CV, It will be necessary to be vigilant regarding the colors chosen and the structure of the latter. The goal is to make it simple and effective. Your CV must be:

    • Fit on one page


    • Have an airy layout


    • Integrate vocabulary specific to the fashion sector


The important thing is to highlight your skills, show the results obtained and emphasize your accuracy. there Fashion in Paris It is a demanding sector. As an added bonus, feel free to include a link to a personal website or blog to demonstrate not only your personality, but also your expertise. The fashion sector is also an area where brand identity is very strong. To stand out, you can incorporate one of the main characteristics of the brand you want to apply for (a color or a specific font for example).

Regarding the cover letter, the standards remain quite similar. To write the best possible message, you can follow our advice How to write a cover letter. However, here are some recommendations that may be helpful in obtaining Fashion jobs in Paris:

    • Start your first paragraph with a linking sentence.


    • stand out! Show that you know the world of fashion by using specific vocabulary, for example: “I would like to join your house » Instead of talking about society or business.


    • Feel free to demonstrate that you know the brand and its history and that your values ​​are aligned with them.


    • Job interview


How to succeed in your personal interview Fashion function ?

    • Choose an outfit that will highlight your fashion preferences without overdoing it. During the first contact, you will inevitably be judged based on your appearance and aesthetics. Obviously, the recruiter will look at your clothing style. Try to say more about your personality, but don’t forget to remain sober and elegant.


    • It is essential to learn about the brand, its history, current news and trends. The goal is to prove to the recruiter that you not only know the brand you’re applying for, but that you also have an extensive fashion culture.


    • Bring a well-presented resume and find out who will be interviewing you. The goal is to make a good impression.


Want more tips on how to prepare for an interview? Discover everything we have Tips for a successful interview!

Which fashion career is right for me?

Although fashion is a specific sector, it is no exception to the rule and offers a range of different contracts and jobs. Whether you are looking for a Fashion jobs in paris On a permanent, fixed-term contract, full or part-time, a Fashion training Or rotation. There will necessarily be a A fashion career made for you.

Fashion jobs in paris profession

Do you want to become a fashion designer in Paris? ? Readymade clothes seller? Marketing assistant? Designer or even a visual merchandiser? Register or log in to our platform to discover everything Our fashion job offers And find your fashion job in Paris!