Eco-Friendly Transportation in Paris: Tips for Students

Getting around Paris isn’t always easy, between the traffic jams and the prices of public transportation Environmentally friendly transportation At lower cost is becoming more and more popular. We know that Paris is a very beautiful city, but it is often subject to a high level of pollution.

Are you a student or looking for one? Student job in Paris If you’re wondering what it is The most environmentally friendly means of transportation To reduce your carbon footprint without impacting your budget, you’ve come to the right place! Find out without further delay with us advice Advice to help you choose the path Environmentally friendly means of transportation Which suits you!

3 Environmental means of transportation

The environmental emergency is no longer a secret. For several years, Paris has increasingly wanted to become greener and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. You’re only there for one Summer work in Paris Or for a longer period, you will have to adapt to this shift. Here 3 Environmental means of transportation Perfect if you are a student in Paris.

the bicycle

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly, discreet and fast car, then… bicycle It’s the solution!

You can stay old school and buy or invest in one that moves with the power of just your legs bike Electrically assisted. The difference lies primarily in the price. It all depends on the budget you want to allocate for your transportation (an electric bike is relatively more expensive). You also need to take into account the speed at which your travels will take place and the distance in order to make the best possible choice. Either way, your bicycle It will allow you to take neutral, uncontaminated flights, which is great! On the other hand, bicycle Saves time by avoiding parking problems and traffic jams, which can occur frequently in the capital. Small advice Additional: If you do not want to invest in bicycleYou can also rent Vélib’, a Environmental public transportation Created by the Paris City Hall a few years ago.

the Electric scooter

the Electric scooter It is used more and more every year. And for good reason, when we see the long list of its advantages, it’s hard not to be convinced! In fact, it allows for environmentally friendly trips because it does not emit any polluting gases. In addition, the savings achieved in gasoline costs represent a real asset to the student’s budget. There is also rental Electric scooters Rechargeable like the ones offered by Zeway. The simple plus: it can be recharged in just 50 seconds thanks to 40 battery swapping stations In Paris and the surrounding suburbs! And also through his speed Electric scooter It will allow you to reach your destination faster. Ideal for those who have Student job in Paris But who tend to be late because public transportation (or alarm failure).

there Electric scooter

in order to achieve Eco travel A short time ago, Electric scooter ideal! Fast, compact, lightweight and independent, it is the best ally for getting to work, for those who have it Student contract in Paris Not too far from home. In addition to being an affordable means of transportation, it significantly reduces noise pollution because it is silent and pollutes the air thanks to its engine that does not consume gasoline. there Electric scooter It embodies the ideal balance between economic and environmental car. If you can’t do without it Public transportationit remains a good option to consider completing it due to its ease of transport.

Now that I’ve found the way to… Environmentally friendly means of transportation Which suits you, feel free to take a look at our offers Summer jobs in paris.