Discover What This Folding Fat Bike Has to Offer

This review is for the ENGWE X24, a folding electric bike with a powerful 1000W motor, an 8-speed gearbox and large 24-inch wheels. This electric bike was designed to provide a new way to get around that is stress-free, fun and satisfying.
Whether you’re riding in the city, on the beach or in the woods, you need a bike that can tackle any obstacle. The X24 from Engwe plays an important role in this regard. This folding e-bike is an upgrade from the ENGINE Pro 750W model. With a color display and superior performance, this fat bike is suitable for demanding cyclists. Take a closer look at the features that differentiate it from existing models here.

ENGWE X24: presentation
The Engwe X24 is a class II folding electric bike. It is characterized by its 6061 alloy frame, its suspended fork blocked by a mechanical system, its handlebars and its saddle adjustable according to the cyclist’s morphology. These allow it to offer exceptional driving comfort. Lightweight and high-performance, its 24-inch aluminum wheels are suitable for urban environments, dusty campground roads and city driving.
This fat bike turns out to be an ideal solution in terms of mobility and storage. It was designed for those who have difficulty traveling by metro, train, SUV or sedan. Indeed, X24 allows you to avoid the constraints associated with driving a car as well as the common risks of public transport.

Technical characteristics

Product weight: 42 kg

Maximum speed: 50 km/h

Motor power: 1200W

Gears: Shimano 8 speed

Brake type: Mechanical disc brakes

Battery type: 19.2 Ah

ENGWE X24: the fat bike for climbing slopes

A Class II folding e-bike is equipped with a motor that can deliver up to 1200 watts of power and 70 Nm of torque. That’s enough to climb any hill or tackle any terrain. To help you tame that power, there are 5 levels of pedal assist that control the power output to the motor. If you get tired, simply stop pedaling and press the accelerator pedal to switch to full throttle mode.

There’s also a throttle that lets you go as fast as you want without pedaling. The Engwe X24 has a maximum speed of around 50km/h and you can limit the maximum speed of the bike in the settings menu.

Although most folding fat bikes often come with a powerful motor, what sets this fat bike apart is the regenerative motor feature. This significantly improves battery life.

In addition, with its 8-speed transmission, the Engwe X24 allows you to pedal without weakening, whatever the slopes. Not forgetting the hydraulic disc brakes which make it very responsive to unexpected starts and stops in the city.

ENGWE X24: a very practical fat e-bike

There is no denying that the ENGWE X24 is a heavy and bulky bike. With the removable battery inside the frame, it weighs 32 kg. Fortunately, the frame was made from lightweight aluminum to reduce weight, but another feature makes it easy to transport. To make the bike lighter and easier to lift, simply remove the battery from the frame. This can be locked inside the frame to prevent it from being stolen. Two keys are provided for this purpose.

This folding electric bike has a ride mode that can be activated by holding down the “–” button on the controls. This moves the bike at a steady pace to allow it to be moved easily. This feature is particularly useful when getting out of tight spots on rough trails and when climbing bridges and slopes.

The ENGWE X24 folds into a compact size and can be easily loaded into the trunk of a mid-sized car. The frame folds in the middle of the bike and the handlebars fold as well. This bike can also handle extreme weather conditions, being able to operate in temperatures as low as -20°C (-4 F) or as high as 60°C (140 F).

ENGWE X24: a comfortable folding fat e-bike

The ENGWE X24 stands out for its comfort. Its large 24-inch tires and shock-absorbing fork provide good cushioning on tram tracks or jumps on cobblestones. Thanks to its stability, this fat e-bike bike can easily cope with all obstacles encountered on the roads.

Thanks to its seat covered in quality leather and its wide tires, you will be comfortable during the journey. The foldable design is ideal for your campsite or for picking up in your car. Thanks to the taillight and headlight, you no longer need to worry about riding in the dark.

Additionally, this bike from Engwe has soft black leather handles, which guarantees maximum comfort. In addition, with its vertical position, it avoids bending over. So, to maximize driving pleasure, this model is an excellent choice.

ENGWE X24: the ideal electric bike for riding up to 150 km

The ENGWE X24 is powered by a battery with a capacity of 1401.6Wh. According to Engwe, this bike can travel around 150 km in pedal assist mode. Of course, this will vary depending on the cyclist’s build, size and level of assistance.

Using both the accelerator and pedal assist, the range varies between 70 km and 80 km on a single trip. By lowering the pedal assist level or using the throttle less, the rider can cover more miles on this bike.

This electric bike also integrates the I-ERS (Intelligent Energy Regeneration System). I-ERS allows the bike to regenerate approximately 60% of battery life while coasting or descending. In the case of a significant descent or in areas where it is possible to coast for a long period of time, it is possible to increase the battery life by activating this function.

To fully charge the battery, it takes between 5 and 7 hours.

ENGWE X24: intelligent technology to improve driving

The ENGWE X24 is equipped with a screen that can be controlled via a control pad placed on the left part of its handlebars. This display offers the possibility of easily customizing a large number of parameters of this e-bike.

Of course, the speedometer cannot be bypassed, but it allows you to determine the level of assistance, tire dimensions, light level and other settings. It’s even possible to configure the bike’s passcode, adding an extra layer of security. Furthermore, this color screen allows you to adjust the 36V signaling lights. These ensure optimal operation of the electric bike, including at night.

This screen provides various information such as miles traveled, range, watts, I-ERS charging indicators, error codes, and speed. Overall, this is a very detailed control screen for a fat e-bike.

At the back of this screen is a USB port. This allows you to plug in the smartphone if it risks running out of charge. Note that this port is also removable.


The ENGWE X24 is the ideal electric bike for many uses. For thrill-seekers, it is characterized by its speed and user-friendly nature. For commuters, it is practical and robust. As for explorers, they will appreciate its great autonomy. Indeed, this electric fatbike offers excellent driving on all types of terrain and can be stored in the trunk of the car if necessary. It’s hard not to love this folding electric bike. It has a premium look and benefits from high-quality construction.

The bike comes with all the essential accessories such as LED front and rear lights, mudguards, sturdy luggage racks and a beautiful LCD display.

High engine power
Very comfortable ride

Quite heavy
Most often the controller does not turn on

Design and Ergonomics – 7
Comfort – 8
Driving – 7
Build quality – 9


Design and Ergonomics : High-end design with a quality finish.

Comfort : The most comfortable fat e-bike on the current market.

Conduct : Pleasant driving thanks to these large tires.

Manufacturing quality : A robust electric bike.

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