Discover all the Benefits of Starting a Student Union

Establishing a student union is an enriching experience that allows students to actively participate in projects that interest them, develop new skills and contribute positively to their community.

Whether you want to promote a social cause, organize cultural or sporting events, or participate in humanitarian work, creating a student union can be a step forward.

However, the administrative procedures involved in setting up an association can sometimes seem complicated and cumbersome, especially when you are a student and are already juggling between classes, exams and extracurricular activities.

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Why Create a Student Association?

Establishing a student union has many benefits and opportunities for students.
Here are some reasons why many students embark on this adventure:

    • Social and community participation: Create an association It allows us to actively participate in issues that matter to us. Whether it is promoting gender equality, raising awareness of environmental protection, or supporting humanitarian work, the Students’ Association provides a platform to make a real difference in society.
    • Skills development: Managing a student union requires acquiring various skills such as event planning, communication, financial management, problem-solving and leadership. Establishing and running a student union allows students to develop these essential skills, which will be beneficial both personally and professionally.
    • Networking and career opportunities: Student associations often provide a conducive environment for networking with other students with similar interests, industry professionals, or potential partners. These meetings can lead to training, mentoring or even opportunities
      Future job prospects. Therefore, creating a student union can be an excellent way to connect with influential people and develop your professional network.
    • Enriching student life: Student unions are considered a pillar of student life and contribute to enriching the university experience. It allows you to create strong connections with other students who share the same interests, participate in stimulating events, trips and projects, and foster a sense of community.
    • CV evaluation: Participation in the Students’ Union is a major asset on a CV. It demonstrates your ability to take responsibility, work within a team and complete projects. Recruiters often appreciate this student commitment, because it shows qualities such as initiative and organisation
      And entrepreneurship.

Therefore, establishing a student union provides multiple benefits, both on a personal and professional level.

The Different Stages of Establishing a Student Union

Creating a student union requires following some basic steps. Understanding these steps will allow you to carry out procedures in an organized and efficient manner.
Here is an overview of the main steps for creating a student union:

    1. Determine the association’s goal: Before embarking on administrative procedures, it is essential to clearly define the purpose of your student union. What cause do you want to support? What projects do you want to implement? This step is crucial, because it will guide all of your association’s work afterwards.
    1. Writing the association’s bylaws: Bylaws are the legal foundation of your association. It specifies the operating rules, composition of the association, rights and duties of members, etc. It is important to draft clear and complete laws, ensuring compliance with current legislation.
    1. Organizing a founding general meeting: The Constituent General Assembly is a meeting in which the founding members meet to adopt the bylaws, elect members of the office, and make the necessary decisions to establish the association. During this general meeting, the founders formalize the establishment of the association.
    1. Submitting the permit to the governorate: Once the bylaws are approved and the founding general meeting is held, you must submit the declaration of the establishment of the association to the prefecture. This announcement includes various documents such as the Cerfa form, articles of association, list of founding members, etc. It makes it possible to formalize it
      Legally your association.
    1. Get SIREN number: Obtaining a SIREN number is necessary if your association desires
      Carrying out commercial activities or receiving large subsidies or donations. This number identifies your connection with tax and administrative bodies.
    1. Open a bank account: It is recommended to open a bank account in the name of your association to facilitate financial management and transparency of transactions. Most banks offer specific offers to student associations at special rates.
    1. Complete additional actions: Depending on the type of activities you plan to carry out, other formalities may be required. This may include applications for specific permission, membership of student unions or obtaining specific licences. Make sure you know the legal obligations associated with your association project.

Note that administrative procedures may vary depending on your country and jurisdiction.

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