Connected watch, luxury and technological

WiWatch S PLUS : luxury and accessibility in wearable technology

Have a revolution on your wrist! WiWatch S PLUS, a smart watch with refined design which impresses at first glance. Its 1.75-inch curved touchscreen blends into a beautiful 2D curve. An HD resolution box adorns this screen for an exceptional visual experience and smooth navigation, as if you were surfing digital waves.

And the icing on the cake? Exceptional autonomy ! She is holding her own, leading the race against her competitors. And to get it back on its feet, no need to spend the night charging it, just 10 minutes is enough to last all day.

Precise health sensors for personalized monitoring

Plus, WiWatch S PLUS is packed with sensors as lively as lynxes, ready to accurately scan and measure your heart rate, oxygen saturation, and great night’s sleep. And you can take a look at all this valuable data on the app to take the pulse of your fitness!

An integrated sports coach to improve your performance

And if you’re a sportsman at heart, you’ll love it: the WiWatch S PLUS connected watch is a real little coach! It records your efforts, analyzes your performance thanks to its versatile sport modes and its integrated GPS! And all this, at an ultra-low price! So, are you ready to take your physical condition head on?

WIFIT WiWatch : your ally of choice, trendy, beautiful, and spiced up according to your taste

The WIFIT WiWatch range is like a painter’s palette, it has a color for every personality! In addition to being your personal assistant, to have a hand on your sports data, your health indicators, it allows you to remain reachable without taking your smartphone out of your pocket. No more contortions to pick up your phone, WIFIT WiWatch is available in round, rectangular, thin, elegant shapes or with a more masculine look, in colors such as beige, white, blue, gray, khaki, black , olive, orange, pinkā€¦ There is something for everyone!

WiWatch S PLUS SmartwatchWiWatch S PLUS Smartwatch

A multi-track app to calmly take stock

The WIFIT app puts you in charge. You can juggle different options on the main watch face, like choosing which hat to wear before going out! The health section of the app is your digital health record, where you can follow the evolution of your heart rate, your oxygen saturation, your sleep phases… And for sports data, head to the section exercise, like a space dedicated to your training: duration, calories burned, route… Everything is there, at your fingertips!

Press release of November 17, 2023