(GOOD DEAL) Voyager Focus 2 at only 217.09 euros

The Voyager Focus 2 headset is currently on sale. You can benefit from an 11% discount. The Voyager Focus 2 is a dual-ear stereo Bluetooth headset. It is equipped with a boom microphone. This article is intended for professionals demanding sound quality. Its active noise cancellation technology eliminates surrounding distractions, allowing you to fully concentrate … Read more

Good deal 👌 Here is the HUAWEI Watch GT 4!

If you are looking for a connected watch multifunction that stands out from the others, the WATCH GT 4 from HUAWEI is the latest trendy model released by the brand and it is the victim of a super good deal on Amazon France. This is an offer not to be missed, because in addition to … Read more

How to use a VPN on a Chromecast?

Securely enhancing your Chromecast experience starts with integrating a VPN. By introducing a virtual private network to your setup, you strengthen the protection of your data while bypassing the geographic restrictions of streaming services. Learn how to use a VPN on a Chromecast. Unleash the potential of Chromecast without compromising your privacy and security. Indeed, … Read more

why choose the Focal brand?

In recent years, home studios have been growing more and more. These recording and mixing studios installed in homes allow artists and other music enthusiasts to create beautiful melodies. To obtain quality music, it is essential to carry out the insulation and acoustic treatment of the home studio. Also, you must equip yourself properly by … Read more

Wear OS 3.5 and new features on Fossil Gen 6

Fossil has deployed Wear OS 3.5 on its connected watches Gen 6 and new features are now accessible to as many people as possible, thanks to this. The updated software brought various improvements to the brand’s devices. In addition to better battery life, these smartwatches now have better performance. Which means better fitness tracking thanks … Read more

Step-by-step guide to using a gaming headset on PS4

Have you purchased a gaming headset and can’t wait to use it on your PlayStation 4 console? We show you how to use a gaming headset on PS4 and enjoy a better gaming experience. Follow these easy steps and start diving into your favorite video games with exceptional audio quality! ✅ Check headset compatibility Before … Read more

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Immerse yourself in the warm and authentic richness of vinyl with the NAD C558 Graphite, an exceptional audiophile vinyl turntable. Designed for music lovers, this work of art combines a sophisticated aesthetics with exceptional sound performance. Every note, every delicate crack of classic vinyl comes to life, redefining your relationship with music. Unmissable promotion: save … Read more