Books To Read To Baby in Womb: Books For Unborn Babies

Reading to your baby is always wise and fun, but how about reading books to your unborn baby? Great fun, though!

Studies have shown and approved that fetuses develop hearing capability in their second trimester. In particular, they recognize their mommy’s voice more than anybody else and find a connection.

Then why not show your love to your baby when they’re still in utero and prepare them well for the world outside. But choosing the right book to read to unborn babies that make sense is a bit confusing.

Here we have listed down some great books to read to a baby in the womb.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

1. When God Made You, by Matthew Paul Turner

It is a lovely book to read to a baby in womb and tell her how her talents and traits fit in this world. It’s like telling the kid why you need to be here in this universe and what differences you make.

With aesthetic illustrations and pleasing rhymes, even your husband will be glad to read it aloud while enjoying the poems. This book makes your heart get connected to your infant when you’ll be telling her why God thought to make you because this universe needs your presence.

2. Welcome Little One, by Sandra Magsamen

If you want a keepsake and a book for your baby at the same time, Welcome Little One is the perfect fit for you. Despite its beautiful content, the biggest perk is the little personalization that it offers for the mother.

You can input your infant’s birth and pregnancy details like weight, name and such. This book is a lovely mixture of beautiful illustrations and heartwarming messages that will make a lifetime memory for the baby when she arrives.

3. Little You, by Richard Van Camp

Even an unborn human expects love to feel its best. Then why not provide her by telling them how loveable they are. Little You is the best book to read to baby in womb when you’re trying to show your heart full of affection to them.

It has a lot of charming illustrations and fascinating words that celebrate the existence of each child.

No matter how important your fetus’ baby is to you, you often don’t feel like showing your love to her. This book can be a solution for this as it contains a lot of cute confessions.

4. Goodnight Moon, by Margaret Wise Brown

A perfect book to end a day with your baby in womb. Within thirty pages, it contains plenty of lulling rhymes that you can sing before sleeping. You’ll adore every line of the poetry as they are so catchy and sweet.

Moreover, the beautiful illustrations of three bunnies in a room will make it fun to read each poem according to the situation. It’s like making your infant habitual of your lulling even before the birth. In fact, this will build a deep connection between you and her.

5. Baby Dance, by Ann Taylor

Babies usually start picking sounds in the second trimester, but they are likely to respond to sounds in the last trimester. Similarly, music with a good rhythm might soothe their soul. That’s why they react to music.

This book is precisely for this purpose. If your baby has started to respond to music, it’s time to pick this book up and hand it over to daddy to read it to the baby in womb.

The Baby Dance contains rhythmic poems that are about father and child dance. At the same time, the pastel illustrations make this board book captivating for your husband so he can read it to his baby without yawning.

6. The Going To Bed Book, by Sandra Boynton

Another excellent sleep time book to read to baby in womb. Want to fall asleep with your infant while reading a book? Pick this rock-to-sleep book.

It’s a perfect bedtime rhyme book to end the day beautifully. A silly group of animals is shouting and singing different rhymes while going to sleep and compelling each other to scrub and brush before going to bed.

The other reason it’s a loveable piece is that many appealing pictures support each line to visualize each sentence in the poem.

7. Ma! There’s Nothing to Do Here! by Barbara Park

From its interesting title to the very last word, this book is both cute and humorous. It’s a poem by an unborn baby who tells her mom how boring it is to be in utero with no excitement and adventures.

All you’re doing is sloshing around. The baby is waiting impatiently to come out to this world and do the things she’ll love to do.

However, this rhyming tale ends in a beautiful way that the baby feels hopeful with every heartbeat of the mom in the last days.

No doubt, it’s a great baby book to read in womb when you’re looking for something creative for the baby. In short, it is a must-have book for all moms-to-be.

8. Waiting for Baby, by Rachel Fuller

A new arriving kid is a great pleasure for the whole family. But at the same time, it can be somewhat confusing for older siblings.

To sort out this confusing situation, you can pick Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller, creative and conversational dialogue between the reader and the baby. Hand it over to them so they can read it aloud to the yet-to-come baby.

This will help the arriving baby to identify their sibling voice after birth. Likewise, this reading will create an ooey gooey love in the heart of the older sibling for the upcoming baby.

9. Let’s sing together! by Peter Yarrow

If you’re thinking about what books to read to baby in womb, we’ll say a songbook will never be the wrong choice. An infant, whether born or unborn, loves music. And this board book will serve you at this front.

It has a beautiful collection of sing-along folk songs that will brighten up your baby’s mind. As it’s a sing-together songbook, you can engage your husband and kids(if you have) as well to sing it aloud.

This togetherness will make your baby prepared to be a part of a happy family. Other than the folk songs, it contains some artful illustrations to make it a captivating reading piece.

10. Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! by Trisch Rabe

Another amazing book to read while pregnant for the baby. If you want to make your little piece to get excited for the events that are coming by, this read is the best choice for you.

In fact, this book introduces the baby to the world while telling them what places they’ll visit and what adventures they’ll do with you. It’s about revealing what joys are waiting for them outside.

11. Pajama time! by Sandra Boynton

Pajama Time is an excellent combo of beautiful words and eye-catching illustrations that make it a perfect good-night book for your fetus.

Sandra Boynton has made irreplaceable characters that sing nighttime rhymes. Their craziness in singing the rock-to-sleep rhymes make this book hell enjoyable.

A jump-roping chicken, pig, Scottie, and the elephant celebrate all kinds and colours of pajamas while singing. This cute book will lull you to fall asleep within minutes.

12. Nine Months in my Mommy, by Carole Marsh

It is the best book to read during pregnancy for baby brain development. These words from an infant herself tell how it is to be in the mommy’s womb for nine months straight.

It’s about cherishing your unborn and their feelings before birth. If you’re about to read it, get set to both laugh and cry.

This book will tell you how your baby is listening to each voice and talk of you. In short, it is a cute reminder that the baby in the womb is picking up every sound from mommy’s side.