Audio controllers for livestreaming

A story of innovation and audio

The reputation of Hercules is well established after 40 years of presence in the world of audio and interactive entertainment, as well as more than two decades in the field of music thanks to its DJ controllers. Hercules is now unveiling its new jewel designed exclusively for livestreamers: the Hercules Stream range. These two audio controllers were designed by streamers, for streamers, to perfect an often problematic aspect during live streaming: audio adjustment!

The power of live audio monitoring

Hercules Stream audio controllers offer streamers the ability to manipulate and adjust the audio of their lives with ease. These revolutionary tools allow you to control all audio sources: games, chat applications, music, microphone. Thanks to the integrated LCD screen, it is possible to separately monitor and manage the volume of each audio track in real time, as needed: activating, reducing, increasing, muting or reactivating the sound.

But wait, that’s not all! These audio controllers are also action triggers. Hercules Stream line products feature four customizable control buttons to initiate your favorite actions: muting multiple sources simultaneously, executing URLs, switching the live sound scene, and more.

Discover the Hercules Stream 100 and 200 XLR audio controllers

Hercules Stream Audio ControllersHercules Stream Audio Controllers

Whether you’re the streamer who needs to mute a live audio source, the one who wants to turn up the volume of your music or turn down the chat audio, or simply a streamer looking to manage audio in real time: opt for Stream by Hercules! If you are a gamer, a content creator, a podcaster, whether you use a USB or XLR microphone: Stream by Hercules is for you!

Hercules Stream 100: simplify your real-time audio experience.

Hercules Stream 100 controllers offer a range of advanced features, including:

  • Complete audio management of your stream.
  • Changing the volume of your games and applications.
  • Adjusting the volume of your USB microphone.
  • Monitoring audio levels using the high-brightness display.
  • Control up to 8 tracks simultaneously.
  • 4 customizable action buttons.
Hercules Stream Audio ControllersHercules Stream Audio Controllers

Hercules Stream 200 XLR: Deliver an audio experience tailor-made for you and your listeners.

The Hercules Stream 200 XLR controller offers an advanced feature set.

  • Control the audio content you broadcast to your audience.
  • Differentiation between the audio mix in your headphones and the one sent to the audience.
  • Verification of the volumes of the two mixes thanks to the high brightness screen.
  • Support for professional XLR microphones for unparalleled voice quality.
  • Broadcast sound from your console or second PC via the optical socket.
  • 4 customizable action buttons.
Hercules Stream Audio ControllersHercules Stream Audio Controllers

These controllers simplify your live audio experience, whether you’re a gamer, content creator, podcaster, or using a USB or XLR microphone. With the Hercules Stream range, focus on your content while having total control over your sound.

Additionally, the Hercules Stream range offers connectivity via a USB port (cable provided) and is compatible with Windows® 10/11. You can pre-order these controllers starting November 15, 2023, and their official launch is scheduled for December 15, 2023.”

Pricing information:

The Hercules Stream range is sold at the following suggested retail prices:

– Hercules Stream 100: 149.99 Euro
– Hercules Stream 200 XLR: 279.99 Euro

These products are available on the Hercules website or from your usual resellers in the following regions and countries: Europe, United Kingdom, United States-Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, China, Korea

– Pre-orders from November 15, 2023
– Official launch on December 15, 2023

Press release of November 15, 2023