AR Is Featured on This Futuristic Electric Motorcycle With an Attractive Design

The concept of electric motorcycle EyeLights Rocket One integrates augmented reality (AR) technology through a connected headset. This provides drivers with important information without the need for a physical dashboard.

Designing a quality motorcycle almost always starts with a well-thought-out concept. However, getting to the prototype stage requires a lot of effort. Indeed, few concepts go beyond the sketch stage to become reality. The EyeLights Rocket One is one such example of a successful design. In fact, it only took three months to go from a simple sketch to a working prototype.

A futuristic electric motorcycle

The 2023 edition of EICMA (Milan) has not finished with the futuristic concepts. EyeLights, a small start-up from Toulouse, was also there to inspire dreams by offering its vision of the motorcycle of tomorrow. Her Rocket One concept was designed by Alan Derosier as an advanced transportation solution.

According to Alan, the initial design of the motorcycle consisted of refine proportions and silhouettes. Then the masses and surfaces were refined. This approach is very similar to the way cars are designed.

Furthermore, this electric motorcycle has been designed with cutting-edge technologies like AR to help drivers. Alan Derosier managed to find the right balance between futuristic look and function.

A two-wheeled work of art combining cutting-edge technology and pure power

If the shape of the device attracts attention, it is its futuristic navigation system assisted by augmented reality which is the most interesting. This is no surprise, because EyeLights is specialized in AR applications.

This electric motorcycle integrates AR technology allowing riders to stay connected to the motorcycle without the need for a physical dashboard. The accompanying headset displays relevant information to the driver, such as speed, power levels and much more.

Connected headphones and the integration of augmented reality also open the way to innovative consumer electronics products that improve the user experience.

Designed to be as efficient as it is exhilarating, the motorcycle is equipped withan electric motor producing 1,200 Nm of torque. Accelerating to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, it’s not only fast, it’s an electrifying sprinter ready to satisfy the adrenaline cravings of even the most race-focused rider. To this is added a autonomy of more than 400 km in a single charge. This autonomy demonstrates its potential to transform long-distance travel.