A Sexy Electric Motorcycle Ready for Adventure

MC10, the very first electric motorcycle all-terrain vehicle from Tromox, is currently on display at EICMA 2023 in Milan, Italy. Offering huge potential for future mobility, it has already received encouraging responses from many industry experts.

EICMA, the world’s largest exhibition for the motorcycle industry, is currently taking place at the Fiera Milano Rho complex in Milan, Italy. Alongside several renowned manufacturers, Tromox is creating waves at EICMA 2023. Indeed, the brand is presenting its latest version of the MC10 motorcycle.

The advanced technology, smart features and future mobility potential offered by the MC10 greatly impressed the audience. The latter includes numerous industry experts, the most prestigious companies and operators in the sector and cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

Tromox MC10 electric motorcycle sets a new standard for future mobility

When it comes to achieving a more sustainable future, it is important to note that mobility, technology and the environment are closely linked. The new Tromox MC 10 electric off-road motorcycle achieves very good results in all these areas.

In fact, this manufacturer has paid a lot of attention to improving the off-road motorcycle experience for MC10 riders. The lightweight body and optimized 26-degree front fork angle make controlling the bike effortless. A turning radius of 1,025 millimeters ensures smooth handling for users.

One of the most innovative features of the MC10 is the TR-3C rear suspension system (Comfort, Control and Cross). It is independently developed by Tromox. Based on the principles of kinematics, this system can effectively separate traction, braking and steering forces. As a result, pilots can control their direction precisely and mitigate ground impacts. The MC10 electric motorcycle also featuresa vehicle control unit (VCU) highly integrated. The latter is developed internally by Tromox. The VCU functions as the core of the M-Space 3.0 intelligent system. In fact, it digitizes the physical actions of riders when they ride the MC10.

Tromox MC10 integrates more than 30 sensorsequipped with a 4G and Bluetooth communication. This ensures high-precision and responsive data transmission between the vehicle, owner and backend systems. Making things even more exciting, the Tromox App vehicle connectivity system allows users to customize their driving experience based on their personal preferences.

A responsive driving experience guaranteed

Another advantage of the MC10 electric motorcycle is its excellent shock absorption. This can be attributed to its front and rear wheels with highly durable and resilient spoked hubs. The overall design of this electric motorcycle extends the life of bearings and tires. Furthermore, this configuration offers a responsive driving experience by reducing the total weight of the vehicle.

Battery technology is a key attribute of modern e-bikes. To this end, the Tromox MC10 integrates a BMS (Battery Management System) intelligent. In fact, this system selects safe discharge thresholds and ensures cell balancing between battery cells. As a result, MC10 drivers can enjoy long journeys even in the presence of scorching heat and freezing cold.

With its three innovative design variants, the MC10 offers enormous potential for future mobility. There MC10 Lite agrees for urban travel. Moreover, it is expected to make a splash in the market due to its low barrier to entry. In addition, it does not require a driving license.

On the other hand, the MC10 StreetX was designed for urban commuters living in the suburbs who frequently travel between cities and suburbs. Finally, the MC10 TriaX is tailor-made for off-road enthusiasts. It is used in particular in forests, mountains and uneven terrain.