A Haptic Racing Experience

Make way for OWO, your perfect haptic sensation for a thrilling racing experience in the popular racing game The Crew Motorfest! This delicacy promises a cocktail of thrills for motor racing gourmets, just in time for Christmas.

An explosive collaboration between OWO and Ubisoft

Of course, you will say, this is the second collaboration between these two big guns, OWO and Ubisoft, especially since this little gem will be available from the launch of season 2 of The Crew Motorfest. Hold on tight, video game fans!

An unparalleled racing experience

So what’s the secret recipe? We give it to you in a thousand, it’s the OWO haptic suit. Designed to enhance your gaming experience, it will put you right into the shoes of a racing driver, allowing you to feel every drift, every acceleration. And be careful, you will feel even the slightest impact… Enough to make you bite the dust!

Feel the adrenaline in this video:

The power of gaming on all platforms

And since we never do things by halves, expect to don a breathtaking OWO design, in the flamboyant colors of The Crew Motorfest. Available on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series S|X and Xbox One. What better way to feel the sweet thrill of raw power at every turn?

Creators share their thoughts

Ubisoft Ivory Tower and OWO, like a fantastic duo, work hard to give you an unparalleled pleasure. As Paul Narducci, the big boss of gameplay directors at Ubisoft, explains; “Working with OWO is like adding a new power token to the game, we improve the racing, and this special edition takes on a whole new flavor. We can’t wait for players to enter the race with OWO’s techno! “.

OWO The Crew™ Motorfest Racing GameOWO The Crew™ Motorfest Racing Game

Jose Fuertes, the head chef at OWO, is also on cloud nine: “Collaborating once again with Ubisoft to present OWO The Crew Motorfest Edition is like having the wind in its sails! Thanks to our haptic technology, players will experience the adrenaline of The Crew Motorfest like never before. Our passion for unparalleled gaming immersion comes to life in this game, and we can’t wait for players to experience it! “.

Pre-order now for an exclusive bonus

The OWO The Crew Motorfest Edition haptic gaming system is already available for pre-order on the official OWO website. By leaving a few tickets, you will leave not only with this edition but also with a digital copy of the game or the Season Pass Year 1 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One or Windows PC. Come on, on your marks, set, go!

Press release of November 17, 2023