why people do not like talking to you

8 Reasons Why People Don’t Like Talking To You

Sitting with the people or group of friends and realizing no one is talking to you, is the most unwanted feeling. You might have experienced this with yourself and asked yourself a question, ‘why people don’t like talking to me?‘. If this is the case, you are about to find your reasons why people ignore you.

But before delving into the reasons, it is important to first understand a basic human psyche. Remember that no matter how nice or good-looking you are, few people do not want to open up to the people they are not close to.

People do not want to extend their circle or talk to anyone about what and how they feel. Neither they are interested in communicating or showing things to others. This is just one personality type and you cannot do anything about it. So, if you have acquaintance with these types of people, you may better look for a new group.

8 Reasons People Do Not Like Talking To You

Here are a few reasons people ignore you and do not want to talk to you.

1. People Believe You Are Above Them

If you are trying to talk to a group of people who have less education, less financial strength, less IQ, or less social recognition than you, they will feel uncomfortable talking. The problem here is not you but those people who think like this.

So, in this case, you do not have to worry about it; rather, try to open yourself up and make them comfortable when they are around you. The best way to do it can be by talking about their interest, hobbies, and their traits. This will open up the window of communication and remove the gulf of discomfort.

2. Backbiting or Being Judgemental About Everything

If you are a negative person and talk negatively about others all the time, there is less chance of people talking to you in the future. This is because people think if you are backbiting about a person with them, you might talk bad about them when you talk to anyone else.

Being judgemental about everything and every person makes you a weak and failed person as well. This is the most common reason present in all the people today who complain about people not talking to them. If you too are suffering from this, it is high time you get rid of this and never complain about any person or thing.

To be better at talking to anyone, I suggest the phenomenal book How to Talk to Anyone.

3. You Cannot Benefit Them Anyway

This may sound odd but there is a category of people who only build relations for their interests only. You might have heard people saying that one can help them if a certain case arrives at any point in life. This category seeks only those people who have some type of authority or social recognition to help them in the future.

Undoubtedly, a relationship is two-way and you have to give something in order to expect. But when the intentions are only of taking leverage, the mentioned category may not want to talk to you. In such a case, staying away from this group is right for you.

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4. People Wait For You To Start

If the above two conditions do not apply to the people you are thinking of, then consider initiating a talk. Sometimes people are too shy to talk or overthink about what they should say to you, if this is the case, you must initiate talking.

The best way to start a talk can be to inquire about the one you are talking to. This can include his/her interest, hobbies, and things he wants to do in the future. This will provide both of you with a line of talking and will break the ice.

One book which I have found most effective in building relationships is How to win friends and influence people. This book is the best written ever on the topic of making friends and initiating talking. I got my copy at an amazing price from Amazon.

5. You Are Not Their Type

Do you think there is any point in talking about two persons who do not have the same interest? For instance, one is avid about politics, knows what is happening in the world, and is vigilant about the current trends. But you, as a second person, do not know anything about politics, current issues, and what will be the future. Do you think the next person will like talking to you? Politics is just an example, the interest can be anything.

If you want to communicate with the second person, it is important for you to know what their interests are and then get some knowledge about it. The better way to do this is to cultivate a learning mindset. This way, when anybody is talking about anything you will show your interest in learning. As a result, the second person will tell you more about the topic and a healthy communication link will build.

6. People Don’t Find You Interesting

You might have little knowledge of every topic or at least of the subject in which the other person is interested, but still, the communication can be bumpy. This is because the second person is not finding you interesting enough for the chat.

Either you are too serious or too rude to talk about anything. People often love to have humor when they are talking, they want you to smile and in return say things on which they can smile too. If a chat is too serious, then the second person might not want to continue it.

To correct this, the best available book is The Humor Code by Peter McGraw. I learned enough tricks from this book to find humor in everything we see or do. Get your copy from Amazon at an economical price today.

7. You Are Too Talkative

This may sound counterintuitive but people do not want to talk to the ones who are talkative and speak more than what is required on a topic. Generally, these types of people are very dominating and take control of the chat – or rather hijack the chat.

If you are this type of person, then you have to find the answer to why people don’t like talking to you. To normalize your talking, practice the golden rule of ‘listen more and talk less. This will enable you to learn more from the experience of others, increase your intelligence quotient, and prolonged your chats with others.

8. Taking Hygiene For Granted

If you take your hygiene for granted, there is more chance you will look bad and stingy. Will you talk to some who have not taken shower, brushed teeth, or changed clothes for three days? If your answer is no, then how do you expect others to talk to you when you are not neat and clean.

Remember hygiene is the most important part of anyone’s personality as it reveals a lot of things about a person. If you are not dressed modestly, people will take you for granted and you will end up being ignored. So, if you have been ignored at any gathering, blame your appearance and hygiene for it.

To rapidly improve personality and manners, I suggest Emily Post’s Etiquette. I have never read a more compelling and easy-to-understand book on this topic than this one. You can order your hard copy here.

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The Bottom Line

We have just reviewed Eight possible reasons people do not like talking to you. If you find anyone pertinent to you then works, rectify, and observe if it has changed everything for you or not. If you are still unsure and any reason did not match your interest, then know that the next person is simply not interested in talking to you. They will remain the same no matter what you do for them, they are simply not interested. So, it is better to avoid – if you can.

If you have found this guide useful, please let us know your reviews in the comment section. If there is anything you want to add, please leave it in the comments as well. Your contribution is valuable to us!

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