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Rank Your Fiverr Gig to First Page [Top Rated Seller Tips]

No matter how much expertise do you have in your industry or how well written your Fiverr gig is, if it is not ranking on the first page – you won’t get orders. So, how to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page even when you are just starting? here is how:

Pick the long-tail keyword from the Fiverr suggested keywords in your category and add it to your gig title as the main keyword. Also, include this keyword twice in your gig description – one in the first paragraph and the second in the middle of the gig. Make sure to add this keyword in the center of the five tags of your gig as well along with four other relevant tags.

If you are new and really struggling with ranking your gig on the first page on Fiverr, then continue reading as this article will provide you a complete step-by-step Fiverr gig SEO guide to rank your gig faster. But before that, let’s talk about why it even matters.

According to Fiverr  Forum, the gigs on the second page do not get frequent orders no matter how well written the gig is. Considering this, ranking a gig on Fiver is the major concern of every Fiver seller.

However, due to heavy competition especially in the crowded niches like WordPress, graphic design, and content writing, it is almost impossible to rank on the first page for new sellers. So, the question can be asked here, can we still rank on the first page especially when your profile is new?

Can a new seller rank on Fiverr’s first page?

Yes, it is possible to rank your Fiverr gig on the first page no matter how much crowded your niche is. But, this requires the right strategy and a lot of effort. For instance, your profile needs to be active all the time, your profile must be complete, the gig description must be error-free and SEO optimized, and your keyword must be long-tail.

Once you know that ranking on Fiverr is still feasible for new sellers, let’s dive into the details and see actual steps that get your gig to the top spot.

Step-by-step Guide to Rank Your Gig on Fiverr to First Page

It is important to mention here that there is no set of rules to rank a gig on the first page neither there is any Fiverr formula. And below steps are devised on the tried and tested strategies and experience of a top-rated freelancer and worked fine. With that being said, let’s jump straight to our first step.

Step # 1 Pick a long-tail keyword

The first step to the ranking is checking the keyword difficulty – that is how many gigs show up when you enter that particular keyword in the search bar of Fiverr.

If the number of gigs is in thousand, it is not advised to go with this keyword. Rather, see the relevant suggested keywords which show up right under the search bar. Click on the one which is longest, and see if the gig number drops. If the gig number drops to two figures or even three, you have a fair chance of ranking.

Step # 2 Add your  keyword twice in the description

There can be exceptions but in most cases, the Fiverr algorithm picks only the gigs which contain not more than two keywords in the gig description. It is a rule of thumb not to crowd your description with keywords – if you do, your gig will not even show on Fiverr.

Try to add the first keyword in the first paragraph of your gig. If the main keyword is in the first 100 characters, it will give a strong signal to Fiverr for improving your gig ranking. For the second keyword, you have the choice: either to use it in the middle paragraph or use it at the end when you are giving the call to action to your potential client.

Step # 3 Add Relevant Keywords in Gig’s Tags

It is advised to use your main keyword only once in the gig tags and that too in the center. For the remaining four tags, you can pick your keyword’s suggested keywords that seem most relevant.

You can also include one or two suggested tags in your gig description as well. This will make your gig rank for other supported keywords, that are pertinent to your niche.

Important: Do not stuff your description with a bunch of keywords even if they are relevant. It will land your gig on the last page.

Step # 4 End your gig description with a strong call to action

Ending your gig description is vital not only for convincing clients and getting orders but also for making your gig rank on the first page. Gig’s ending is usually the last sentence of your gig and it too plays a critical role in your ranking.

The last sentence should be firm, clear, and encouraging for your client so that he or she can place the order without any hesitation.

Step # 5 Design a custom Fiverr gig image or video

Do not pick anything from Google or Stock Photos for your Fiverr gig image, it can ban your profile owing to copyrights. That’s because you cannot give credit to Fiverr. So, it is suggested to design a basic, simple but catchy gig image.

You can create your custom gig image or video from free sites like Canva, and that too without any prior technical knowledge. Put your image in the gig – if you can – and write three to five words on one side, making everything easy to read.

For gig optimization, save your custom gig image with your long-tail keyword as its name. Once you upload it, your gig image will also help your gig to rank higher.

Step # 6 Write the main keywords in your profile description

This may sound odd but this trick works wonders. If you mention your skill’s name or your main keyword in the first 100 characters of your Fiverr’s profile, it makes your profile strong in the eyes of Fiverr.

You can also add more than one keyword to your profile. For instance, you design logos and this is your main keyword, but you also design websites and provide its services on Fiverr. Then, you must add website designing as your expertise in Fiverr profile too.

Step # 7 Try to get your first order faster

Once you complete the first 6 steps, your gig will become complete and ready to take-off. However, the profile with zero orders hardly ranks on the first page in a competitive niche. For this, you will have to get your first review quickly.

The most effective way to get your first order is through buyer requests which show up on Fiverr’s more section. Submit your offers at low rates at first and try to win the orders no matter the amount you get. Once you have your positive reviews on your gigs, your gig will keep improving.

These are my 7 practical steps to rank your gig on Fiverr in the most legit way that I have personally tested and gained a top-rated badge. Apply these steps in order and your gig will improve its rank gradually.

If you are still unsure about the gig process, here are some of the most common questions come problems that a new Fiverr seller may face.

Fiverr FAQs
Why my gig is on the last page?

More often than not, when a new seller publishes its gig and goes to Fiverr to check its rank, he finds it on the last page. The possible reasons behind it can be either your profile is incomplete or you have not made your gig on one focus keyword. To correct it, make sure you are targeting one keyword and also mentioning it in the description twice.

Why my gig is not showing in Fiverr search results?

When a gig description is full of keywords or a gig does not contain any keyword at all – the gig won’t show in the search results. If that’s not the case, then you are searching your gig on the wrong keyword. Try searching it on a more precise keyword and it will show up.

Do the video display gigs sell more than the image display gigs?

From the numerous reviews of other sellers and from my personal experience, I am tilted toward the videos now. A video shows the seller and his expertise better than the image. Hence, a client gets attached quickly and offers him the job – in contrast to image display, which takes more time to build trust and attachment.


Learning Fiverr SEO and ranking your gig on the first page has become more important than it was ever before. With importance, it has also become very difficult to compete as well. However, with my 7-step Fiverr gig ranking formula, your job will become much more easy and effective.

Try out the above 7 steps and let me know what you got. But make sure you do not jump in the bus which is already full and find the one which has enough space for you to grow.


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