60+ Negative Words Starting With M

Negative words starting with M can be used to describe unpleasant experiences, emotions, or behaviors. They can convey a sense of discomfort, dissatisfaction, or disapproval.

In this list, we have compiled over 60 negative words starting with M. These words can be used to describe a variety of negative situations or traits, such as moodiness, maliciousness, messiness, and more.

While negative words can sometimes have a harsh or critical tone, they can also be useful in expressing a range of emotions and experiences.

60+ Negative Words Starting With M

Mad – insane; crazy

Malaise – a general feeling of discomfort or unease; a sense of being unwell

Malcontent – dissatisfied; discontented

Malfeasance – wrongdoing or misconduct, especially by a public official

Malfunction – failure to function properly

Malice – a desire to harm or cause injury to others

Malign – harmful; evil

Malnourished – suffering from a lack of proper nutrition

Malodorous – having an unpleasant odor; foul-smelling

Maltreatment – mistreatment or abuse of a person or animal

Manipulative – controlling or influencing others in a deceitful way

Mannerless – rude or impolite; lacking in manners

Manure – animal waste used as fertilizer; something considered disgusting or offensive

Massacre – the killing of a large number of people or animals

Mediocre – of moderate or average quality; not very good

Melancholy – a feeling of sadness or depression; gloomy

Menacing – threatening or dangerous

Mendacious – dishonest; lying

Merciless – without mercy or compassion; cruel

Messy – disorganized or untidy

Miffed – annoyed or offended

Migraine – a severe headache often accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light and sound

Militant – aggressive or combative; ready to fight for a cause

Misbehave – to behave badly or inappropriately

Miscalculate – to make an error in calculation or judgement

Misconduct – inappropriate or unacceptable behavior

Misdeed – a wrongful act or behavior

Miserable – very unhappy or uncomfortable; wretched

Misfortune – bad luck or an unfortunate event

Misguided – mistaken or misguided in judgement or opinion

Mishandle – to handle poorly or improperly

Misinform – to give false or misleading information to someone

Misinterpret – to understand or explain wrongly

Misjudge – to form an incorrect or unfair opinion about someone or something

Mislead – to cause someone to believe something that is not true; to deceive

Mismanage – to handle or control poorly or incompetently

Misnomer – an incorrect or inappropriate name for something or someone

Misogynist – a person who hates or has a strong dislike of women

Misplace – to put something in the wrong place; to lose

Misread – to misunderstand or misinterpret something that has been read

Misrepresent – to give a false or misleading impression of something or someone

Miss – to fail to hit, catch, or reach something

Mistake – an error or fault in judgment, perception, or reasoning

Misunderstand – to fail to understand or comprehend something correctly

Mock – to make fun of or ridicule someone or something

Moldy – covered or contaminated with mold; old and stale

Moody – easily irritated or prone to sudden changes in mood

Morbid – gloomy or unhealthy; related to death or disease

Mordant – biting or sarcastic in tone or manner

Morose – sullen or ill-tempered; gloomy or depressed

Mortifying – causing extreme embarrassment or shame

Mournful – expressing sorrow or grief; sad

Mouthy – impudent or disrespectful in speech; talking too much

Mud-slinging – the use

Muddy – covered in or containing mud; unclear or confused

Mulish – stubborn and obstinate; unwilling to change one’s mind or course of action

Murderous – involving or relating to murder; deadly or dangerous

Mute – silent or not speaking; unable to speak

Mysterious – difficult or impossible to understand or explain; enigmatic

Mystifying – perplexing or confusing; difficult to understand or explain


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, this list of 60+ negative words starting with M provides a range of vocabulary to express negative emotions and experiences. These words can be useful in various contexts, such as describing difficult situations, expressing disapproval or dissatisfaction, or critiquing negative behaviors or traits.

However, it is important to use negative words responsibly and with sensitivity, as they can sometimes have a harsh or critical tone. Overall, this list can be a helpful resource for writers, speakers, and anyone looking to expand their vocabulary and language skills.