5 Tips to Be Consistent in Everything You Do

Consistency is considered one inevitable thing to achieve long-term goals. This habit is required in almost everything: your body, business, art, relationship, emotional health, or spirituality.

However, maintaining consistency is one habit most people struggle with. Despite knowing the indispensability of consistency, most people lack this and suffer significantly in life. But not anymore!

In this guide, we are about to give you 5 practical tips to be consistent that will help you establish and maintain this habit.

So, how to be consistent in everything we do? Here are our tips to be consistent in everything you do:

  1. Focus on Your WHY

Your why is the reason you started doing anything for the first time. As far as you are focused on this main reason which ignited your interest, you will keep doing that work again and again. However, once you lose your why, you immediately lose your interest and quit it. So, if you want to be consistent, always keep your why in your front.

  1. Win Your Battle

Take consideration! I did not say battles, but a single battle. Make sure you start one thing at once whenever you want to build one habit or work consistently on a thing. This is because we humans have limited capacity and cannot maintain multiple things at one time. The Doctors say it too: if you want to quit smoking and sugar, and you start both at once, you may lose both. So, always go for one thing first, and move on to the next. This will keep you consistent.

  1. Schedule It

Scheduling is an open secret to get consistency in anything. Steven Covey puts it this way: Don’t prioritize your schedule; schedule your priorities. Not just prioritize your short-term goals but also focus on the goals which you consider your life goals. Schedule every vital thing a year around, and do not let any day skip. This is the most effective strategy that most successful people follow to get organized and consistent in everything they do.

  1. Ignore Your Feelings

Steve Theunissen of Smart Fitness Results says the primary root cause of not getting consistent is our feelings. Every time you decide to do one thing, your brain will shout, ‘Ahh! I do not want to do it – at least not at this time. But remember, this is the time when you have to ignore your feelings and give a shut-up call to your brain. Not doing it will give a free hand to your brain, and your body will succumb. So, every time you get a feeling of not doing anything, ask your brain to keep quiet and start acting.

One tip I find most compelling is that whenever you do not feel like doing anything, do it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, if you are still not interested, leave it. But more often than not, when you start doing one thing, you keep doing it, and interest builds gradually.

  1. Catch The Wagon

It is always customary to skip one day or even multiple days while getting consistency. If this happens, do not get panic and think you have missed the wagon as if you cannot catch it now. Always be ready to catch the wagon and cover everything you missed. This happens every time we go for consistency, as this is natural. However, if you skip a few days and then think you cannot catch the wagon, this is the real problem. Always be on your toes to catch the wagon and resume your work or habit.


If you want to achieve something big in life, remember that the sacrifice for this will also be more complicated. This sacrifice starts from consistency. It is killing your desires and emotions and returning to work even when you do not feel like it.

So, next time if you feel the problem is maintaining consistency, remember these five tips and remind your mind why you started it in the first place. This will help you sail through your journey.

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