5 Early Signs of Depression Everyone Should Know

What do you think depression is like? It can be like a heavy cloud on your head or even a bad monster holding you tightly. A person with depression can look normal in the outside world and seemly happy, but internally, he is at war with himself.

Depression negatively changes how a person feels, thinks, and acts. Often, it is alienating and debilitating – causing the person with depression low in everything.

To make you more aware of depression, here are the five most common early signs of depression. But before delving into the early signs of depression, it is important to mention here that this video is only for information purposes and not a rubric for self-diagnosis. Depression can have a variety of symptoms that extend beyond those discussed in this guide.

So, suppose you believe that any of the signs mentioned in this article apply to you or someone you know. In that case, we highly recommend you consult a medical professional for diagnosis and treatment.

Now, let’s begin.

  1. Low Motivation

Do you find it hard to complete tasks and engage in things you once really enjoyed? Low motivation or Anhedonia is the core of depression. When you are on low motivation, everything seems draining to do. It is not that you do not want to do it; it is just too hard to get up into it.

What low motivation can do to you? Low motivation can make you socially withdrawn, foster negative feelings toward yourself, and make it difficult for you to adjust to social situations.

  1. Hopelessness or Helplessness

The core characteristic of depression is hopelessness. It is when you feel like nothing is left in your life, and everything is going against you. It is the time when you feel there is no point in doing anything that you intend to do. Helplessness cements the helplessness to make you realize that you are incapable of doing anything.

Think of it like a dark room, where helplessness is a locked door. Your brain tricks you into simultaneously feeling that all things are awful, horrible, and terrible. In such situations, try to break the chain of these thoughts or better argue against these thoughts if you can.

Find the recurrent thought that is constantly making you feel like this. Give concrete evidence against it to your brain to break your hopelessness. In such a situation, it will be wise to work with a therapist and find ways to get over these thoughts.

  1. Fatigue

Another common sign of depression is fatigue. There is provisional evidence that links fatigue and sleeps hormones with depression. Most professionals think lack of sleep is the most common reason for depression. However, other factors like stress, diet, and antidepressant can also cause fatigue.

Yoga, massage, Tai Chi, and deep breathing exercises can be a great source to end your fatigue and also depression. If your fatigue is related to a lack of sleep, then try sticking with a sleep routine of 8 hours and maintain it no matter what. Also, signal your brain to produce more melatonin which will help you to sleep more. If you cannot get over this, visiting a therapist might be your only viable option.

  1. Indecisiveness

Do you often find yourself in difficulty while making decisions?  Well, depression can badly impact your decision-making skills. It usually damages thinking, decision-making, executive functioning, memory and cognitive flexibility. This can make you more indecisive or mentally limited.

Unfortunately, antidepressants do not provide any help for such situations. Instead, you will need to consult a therapist to find better ways to cope with this overwhelming condition.

  1. Anxiety

How many times did you think anxiety and depression were the same? Or at least co-related? Well, you were on point. Anxiety is generally linked to severe depression, but it can exist on its own as well.

According to the National Institute of Health, 45% of people who are diagnosed with mental health problems meet the criteria of two or more disorders. Common manifestations of anxiety include

  • Feeling like you are in danger all the time
  • Panic or dread
  • Rapid breathing
  • Trouble focusing one thing
  • Overthinking

Although anxiety and depression express similar symptoms, their causes are different. Some of the effective measures which you can take on your own to counter your anxiety include:

  • Allowing yourself to feel well
  • Taking part in daily life activities like making your bed
  • Establishing routine
  • Doing things that make you comfortable

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the loss of appetite a sign of depression?

Yes, loss of appetite can be an early sign of depression and a warning of a depression relapse. A sudden change in weight, either increase or lose, it also a warning of depression, especially for those who already observe the symptoms of depression.

The reason behind this loss of appetite can include fatigue and lack of pleasure from activities, low energy and interest, and feelings of sadness and worthlessness.

Is humming a sign of depression?

Continuous humming can be associated with various medical conditions, including depression. Most often, humming is caused by antidepressants or withdrawal from them. If you are experiencing consistent humming, seek medical help to rule it out.

The Bottom Line

We all know the consequences of drugs and how they can slowly ruin a person’s life, but we know that depression is more severe than drugs. It is a secret disease that can enter anyone’s life regardless of age and position.

It has become very common today as many people surrounding us are in depression. If you or any of your loved ones have any mentioned signs of this, you should consult your therapist as soon as possible. Don’t cure it on your own, or it will turn worse. Healthy habits can only benefit you if the depression is at an early stage or you are not overwhelmed by it. Otherwise, professional help is necessary to eliminate it.

If you or any of your loved one is experiencing this, please let us know about the obvious depression signs in the comment section below.