40+ Negative Words Starting With V

In this list, we have compiled 40+ negative words starting with  V. These words are often used to describe unpleasant situations, people, or behaviors.

Some of these words may have multiple meanings and connotations, but in this list, we will focus on their negative meanings. Understanding these negative words can help you communicate more effectively and express your thoughts and feelings accurately.


40+ Negative Words Starting With V

Vacant – empty or devoid of life

Vague – unclear, imprecise, or ambiguous

Vanity – excessive pride or self-admiration

Vapid – dull, boring, or lacking in substance

Vaporize – to disappear suddenly or without a trace

Vehement – showing strong feelings or passion, often in an aggressive or hostile manner

Veiled – concealed or disguised, often used to describe hidden intentions or motives

Vengeful – seeking revenge or wanting to get even

Venomous – poisonous, toxic, or full of malice and spite

Verbose – wordy, long-winded, or using too many words to express an idea

Vermin – pests or parasites that are harmful or annoying

Vexing – annoying, frustrating, or causing irritation

Vice – a bad habit or immoral behavior

Vicious – cruel, violent, or savage

Villainous – wicked, evil, or immoral

Violate – to break or disregard a law, rule, or agreement

Violent – using physical force to cause harm or damage

Virulent – extremely harmful or poisonous

Viscous – thick, sticky, or gummy

Vitiate – to weaken, impair, or spoil the quality of something

Vixenish – shrewish or quarrelsome, often used to describe a woman

Vociferous – loud, vocal, or expressing strong opinions or feelings

Volatile – unstable, unpredictable, or liable to change rapidly

Vomitinducing – causing nausea or revulsion

Vulgar – crass, tasteless, or lacking in refinement.

Vulnerable – easily harmed or hurt, often used to describe people in a weak or defenseless position

Vulturelike – predatory or preying on the weak or defenseless

Vexatious – causing annoyance or frustration, often used to describe a situation or behavior

Vacuous – empty or lacking in intelligence, often used to describe a person’s thoughts or ideas

Vanquished – defeated or conquered, often used to describe a person or army that has lost a battle

Vehicular – relating to or involving vehicles, often used to describe accidents or collisions

Vengeanceseeking – seeking revenge or wanting to get even

Verboseness – the state of being excessively wordy or using too many words to express an idea

Vestigial – no longer functional or useful, often used to describe a biological structure or organ

Victimized – treated unfairly or unjustly, often used to describe someone who has been wronged or harmed

Vilifying – defaming or speaking ill of often used to describe a person’s character or reputation

Vindictive – having a strong desire for revenge, often used to describe a person’s behavior or actions

Violative – in violation of rules, laws, or agreements, often used to describe a breach of trust or contract

Visually challenged – having a visual impairment or disability

Voluntarily – done by choice or free will, often used to describe a decision or action that was not forced.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the above list of 40+ negative words starting with V can help expand your vocabulary and improve your communication skills. These words can be used to describe negative situations, behaviors, or people in a more nuanced and accurate way.

However, it is important to remember that while these bad words can be useful, they should be used with caution and sensitivity, as they can have a strong impact on others. It is important to communicate clearly and respectfully, even when discussing negative topics or situations.