3D Mapping of Sports Exploits

Strava, the app of choice for fitness enthusiasts, today unveiled the addition of a new tool to its arsenal: Skims. An innovative proposal for 3D mapping which traces the sporting exploits of users, just to motivate for the next epics versus the watch.

Strava flyovers: a new dimension to your sporting exploits

The Overview, it’s a cinematographic review of your activityé, as if your performance had been immortalized by a drone perched in the skies. Enough to offer Strava aficionados a unique perspective on their prowess. The journey begins with a close-up of the route, before Strava’s iconic orange line appears, showing the athlete’s progress throughout the exercise. Flyovers are accessible for all feats marked by GPS on the user’s profile, and this even includes past feats.

Namely, Strava users simply click on the activity card to bring up a detailed map screen. From there, all you have to do is select the Hover button located in the lower right corner of the screen to start the virtual adventure.

For now, Strava only offers the Hover feature on its app for Android devices, but the company plans to make it available to iOS users by the end of the year. We invite you to watch this video to explore behind the scenes of Strava Flyovers innovation.

The fruitful collaboration of FATMAP and Strava

Additionally, the integration of this feature marks the latest foray of FATMAP’s mapping technology into the Strava ecosystem. Since Strava purchased the adventure-focused platform earlier this year, the app has added more benefits for its users, such as 3D mapping for winter, map creation and track creation. , customizable break points, route details and photo sharing via an online route builder.

Now supporting 45 different types of activities, the platform continues to enrich the offer for its members, including mapping of sliding areas, preventive content against injuries provided by Recover Athletics, safety tracking Beacon, route recommendations, online route builder, World Activity Map, Personal Activity Maps, and even Top Segment rankings. We encourage you to view this video for a short demonstration.