3 Methods to Connect Your Gaming Headset to Xbox One

Have you just purchased a gaming headset to fully enjoy your favorite video games on your Xbox One? Have you wondered how to connect gaming headphones to one? This guide helps you connect your gaming headset to your Xbox One without any hassle. It even presents the different methods available.

Method 1: Plug your headset directly into your Xbox One controller

Some headset models are specifically designed for use with Xbox consoles. These headsets generally have a 3.5 mm jack. This connection allows them to be connected directly to the jack port located at the bottom of the controller.

First, make sure your Xbox One console is turned on and your controller is connected. Then, insert the headphone jack into the corresponding port on the bottom of the controller, until it clicks into place. Your headset should now work properly with your Xbox One. Feel free to adjust the audio settings of games or the console itself if necessary. You will get adequate sound volume. To go further, see our guide to connecting a gaming headset.

How to connect a gaming headset to one, more precisely to one of the many controllers in its collection!

Method 2: Use an adapter to connect your gaming headset

For some gaming headsets, it may be necessary to use a adapter to connect them to your Xbox One. This may be particularly the case if your headset has a 2.5mm jack or a USB plug. So, start by finding an adapter compatible with your headset model and your Xbox One controller. This can be a 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter or a USB to Jack adapter, or any other type of adapter required.

Plug your headset into the appropriate adapter, taking care to pay attention to the direction of the connectors. Next, make sure your Xbox One console is turned on and your controller is connected. Continue the installation by plugging the other end of the adapter into the port on the bottom of the controller. Now adjust the game or console audio settings as necessary to achieve a sound volume that suits you.

Method 3: Connect your wireless gaming headset to your console

For wireless gaming headsets, you will also need to follow a few specific steps. First of all, check that your headset and its base are properly charged. Then, connect the headset base to the Xbox One console via optical or USB cable according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Next, turn on your headset by holding the power button for a few seconds.

Follow the instructions that came with the headset to pair the headset with the console. Now is finally the time to adjust the audio settings of the games or console if necessary. Every gamer has their own preferences. By the way, what would be the best gaming headset on the market in your opinion?

To configure audio settings on your Xbox One:

1️⃣ Go to the menu “ Settings » on your Xbox One by pressing the “ Xbox » on your controller and select “System”.

2️⃣ Click on the “A” tabaudio & Video » then on “ Audio Output“.

3️⃣ Under « Headphone output formats“, choose the option best suited to your headset (uncompressed stereo, surround sound, Dolby Atmos, etc.).

4️⃣ Don’t forget to also activate the “ voice chat » if you want to communicate with other players online.

Manage gaming headset volume and controls on Xbox One

Finally, it’s important to know how to manage the volume and different controls of your headset when connected to your Xbox One. The editorial team recommends paying attention to the controls located on your headphone cableon its base (for wireless headsets) or directly on the headset itself.

You will usually find buttons there to adjust the volume, mute the microphone or even select specific sound modes. If you connected your headset to the controller via an adapter, it may also include additional controls to manage volume and headset functions.