15 Best Self Help Books For Men To Excel In Life

Being a man is not easy. We continuously try to be stronger, smarter, funnier, and more successful. Well, self help books for men can help you have the maximum potential to navigate your problems.

And when I say self improvement books, I’m not including those thousands of online self-help books which have only things to say like; get up early, be hell productive, never give up, always be positive, and blah blah blah!

A self-help book is meant to be practical and actionable. It should be written by someone that has walked down the same path as you are on right now.

Keeping this in mind, we have compiled a list of the 15 best self-help books for men to help you be the MAN you are meant to be.

1) Unf*ck Yourself

The title itself says all about this book. This book talks about how you can unstick yourself from life problems and pass through the toughest times.

For this to be possible, you must realize that you are standing in the way of your success.

You can live a life full of passion and accomplishments only if you get out of your head and come into your life.

2) The Mask of Masculinity

It can be the best self-help book for young men when they are trying to build their personality in their early 20’s.

Lewis Howes explains nine masks that a man wears to be “mannish,” obeying cultural rules. These rules tell him what it is to be a man and what is not. They tell him to be dominant and more attractive to the opposite sex.

However, in the end, wearing them makes him weaker and less effective. The only way to unlock your true potential is to tear up these masks and be yourself.

3) Make Your Bed

Written by William H. McRaven, Make Your Bed suggests that accomplishing small tasks can help you pursue your main goal in life.

When you are achieving minor tasks, you are moving closer bit by bit to your destiny.

When the first thing you do in the morning is make your bed, you get a sense of pride and eventually are motivated to accomplish more and more. Making your bed also strengthens the notion that even the smallest things matter.

4) How To Win Friends And Influence People

This is the top ranking among all the other best selling self-help books for men. Indeed being a man means you have to win a lot of friends and favors on a daily basis.

This book can be of assistance when you are thinking of upgrading your social skills.

Its first part talks about becoming a person people are attracted to. And the second part is all about influencing people without making them realize it.

5) The Power of Habit

There are a whole lot of male empowerment books, but this one can always be your choice when you are truly concerned about giving a 180 phase change to your life.

The author Charles Duhigg states some science-backed facts on habits. Why they exist and how we develop them.

Based on these facts, he gives us the ways by which we can make or break our habits. And ultimately can take charge of our own lives.

6) Awaken the Giant Within

Who doesn’t know Tony Robbins, a big name in public motivational speakers?

Awaken the Giant Within is one of those best self-help books for men that cover each area of life, whether physical health, mental health, career, or social relations.

This is an insanely popular book among self-help geeks. Each chapter explores ways to unleash the inner giant and make yourself stronger than before.

7) The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

If reading the dead rules to improve your life written in dinosaur-sized books is not your thing, it can be your best self-help book to read.

We can say it as the perfect mixture of humor and advice which compels you to excel in your “manly” life without giving a f*uck to the things that even do not matter. Mark Manson uses a lot of curse words in this book but with a lot of insights.

8) The Five Minute Journal

Does the idea of having a self-reflection journal and spending one hour on it each day burn you out?

You don’t need to because the Five Minute Journal can be your go-to in this situation.

Based on various psychological principles, this book consists of perfect prompts to spark up your self-reflection journey.

9) Boundaries

Ask the self-growth freaks about the secret formula, and they’ll tell you the journey to improving your life quality is keeping yourself at first and making boundaries.

In the same way, the authors of this book convince the readers that having healthy boundaries with your coworkers, friends, spouse, and even yourself is the right way to put yourself in a peaceful mental state.

It is one of the best self-help books for mental health that deals almost with each sphere of life when you’re learning to say “no”.

10) Man’s Search for Meaning

All the above books in our list are about productivity, but there is always a need for a man to know his life’s meaning. This book, however, is purely talking on this topic.

Viktor E. Frankl, who survived life in the Dachau concentration camp during world war II wrote this book.

He explored that a man with a drive to know the meaning of life can surpass the darkest times.

11) Willpower Doesn’t Work

Willpower Doesn’t Work is all about knowing what distracts or leads you to your destiny.

It is one of the best self-help books for men that will lead you to create the environment to pursue your goals.

There is no need always to have willpower and determination. Hardy explores the ways by which you can put willpower at second and build you so that you can achieve a task without breaking you down.

12) The Compound Effect

If you are not into quick-wins and love to be patient for long-term results in self growth, this book is for you.

Hardy tells us that big results come after small and consistent actions.

The term “compound effect” is the outcome when choices, behaviors, habits, and time combine together for a long period of time.

13) Atomic Habits

If you really wanna be a man who has control in his life, you need some alpha-male self-help books to read. Atomic Habits is one of them, though.

James Clear cleared up the wrong belief that massive success needs massive actions. No, they need just tiny atomic habits.

The main idea is to repeat the habits that eventually start to multiply their effects with time.

14) The Relationship Cure

At times, keeping connected with your wife or girlfriend seems like a task. So this is one of the best men self-help books for loving your wife.

John M. Gottman is a scientist who has spent half of his life studying the psychology behind relationships.

It’s a self-help book for husbands that will guide you through any rough scenarios in relationships. Well, it’s also great for dealing with your other relations like friends and family.

15) The 5 Second Rule

Odds are you’ve already heard Mel Robbins’ name and also know about her being a great self-help guru, among all the others.

Who is not depressed because of the amount of procrastination they do on a counterproductive day?

The same problem she discussed in this book and gave a revolutionary principle to cut out the delay time to perform tasks and get things done immediately.