11 Best Personal Development Books for Moms – Self Care & Parenting

There is no second thought in accepting that raising children can be really messy. When upbringing kids inherently, a mom puts herself second or maybe third or fourth in the family. A lot of things that she used to prioritize fell away after becoming a mom. In this state, there is only one source to look for guidance and keep you calm: personal development books for moms.

However, the problem is there are a lot of books in the market which do not provide any solid advice or approaches to personal development. Instead, they are just based on the random information put together to get some leads. But, in this guide, I will open a list of personal development books that will help kick-start your self-development journey with a bang!

All the recommended books are my considerations and especially picked to bring more calm into your daily lives and cooperation in the family.

Best Personal Development Books For Moms

So, what are the best selfhelp books for moms that have created a difference in the lives of millions? Here is the list of 11 best self help books to read for moms.

  1. Get Out of Your Way By Mark Goulston and Philip Goldberg
  2. Declutter Your Mind By S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport
  3. Master Your Emotions By Thibaut Meurisse
  4. The Power of Discipline By Daniel Walter
  5. The Power of Letting Go By John Purkiss
  6. The Elephant in the Brain By Robin Hanson
  7. The Forgetting Machine By Rodrigo Quian Quiroga
  8. The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read By Philippa Perry
  9. The Whole-Brain Child By Daniel J. Siegel and Tina Payne Bryson
  10. Raising Good Humans By Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE
  11. Good Vibes, Good Life By Vex King

Want to know why I picked these self help books as my most recommended guide? Then, continue reading as we are about to discuss each book one by one in order to give you complete insight.

Personal Growth Books for Moms: Self-care and Parenting

  1. Get Out of Your Way By Mark Goulston and Philip Goldberg

This book is written to provide clear insight, compassionate understanding, and practical solutions to end negativity and self-defeating behavior. As we all know, self-defeating behavior is the single most common reason why people seek psychotherapy. In parenting, this poison can keep you away from giving love, success, and happiness to your children.

Getting out of your own way is not just a book but an attitude that explains why we sabotage ourselves, and our behaviors toward others. It offers proven steps of action that transform the behavior from self-defeating to life-enhancing in a very modest way. With anecdotes and examples of real life, this book has helped thousands of patients overcome their daily life difficulties, fear, and frustration.

If you, too, want to have dignity and wisdom. Courage and success in your life as a mom and as an individual, then this book is for you.  This book is also my top recommendation for the best books for the women’s mental health category.

  1. Declutter Your Mind By S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

Feeling overwhelmed by your vicious thoughts? Struggling with anxiety about your daily tasks? Or having too many worries in your life and wanting to stop them? Then, this book is a must-read for you.

J. Scott and Barrie Davenport have beautifully narrated specific mindfulness techniques indispensable for creating more space in the mind. This space is vital for inner peace and happiness, and those who do not have it struggle daily. You will learn about the decluttering and cleaning of all the things which no longer serve your goals; but rather consume your energies and time.

This book describes four causes of mental clutter and then provides four strategies to eliminate all the unnecessary things from your mind. This short book also teaches the simplest strategy to discover what you want and what is important to you. In the end, it shows the way to achieve every goal you create for yourself and connects you to your passions.

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to create an immediate, positive impact on one’s mindset.

  1. The Book You Wish Your Parents Had Read By Philippa Perry

If you are looking for one book which your children will be glad that you read, this one is for you. This book is a masterpiece of Philippa Perry, which provides a comprehensive look at what it might mean to be a sane and emotionally intelligent parent, or mom, to be precise. This guide is hugely warm, wise, encouraging, and hopeful to its readers – looking for self growth and development.

This book is a complete guide on dos and don’ts of parenting – telling you in detail what really matters and what behaviors are important to avoid. Perry’s approach mainly targets moms and their psychological make-up, which results in influences a good parent-child relationship.

For anyone looking to read a self help book that helps in breaking negative cycles and patterns, understanding the upbringing, and handling your child’s feelings, this is the one.

  1. Master Your Emotions By Thibaut Meurisse

Need help dealing with stress as a mom and wife? Want to overcome negative thoughts? Or want to feel good about yourself? This book is a complete package on how to quit negative thoughts and bring positive energies in yourself by mastering your emotions.

Thibaut narrates a solution first to understand how emotions work and then apply specific techniques to ensure you manage them as effectively as possible. This helpful guide teaches a unique way of mastering emotions, a unique skill to live a happier, more fulfilling life.

With practical exercises and personal examples, you will know the rare techniques to cope with draining spirals of negativity and get immediate relief for your brain.

Want to get a powerful yet simple formula to restructure your mind and transform it into a productive one, Master Your Emotions is for you.

  1. The Power of Discipline By Daniel Walter

Whether professional or personal, this book is a helping hand for you if you are struggling to achieve success. This book states a solid foundation on which you can build your success: self-discipline. If you are not disciplined in anything you do, there is little chance you will enjoy success – no matter how intelligent or skilled you are.

Positive thinking, affirmations, and vision are just part of the success equation. You will rarely succeed if you have all of these and do not have self-discipline.

Daniel Walter puts all his stress on realizing that your problem is not that you are lazy or lack the skills; instead, it is the self-discipline that you lack.

In the end, the author describes some practical steps to master self-discipline by targeting specific brain areas. He simplifies how easy it is to inculcate self-discipline in your life and make it work for you too. If you want to know the Zen Buddhists’ secrets to self-discipline and making hard-work exciting, this book is a must-read for you.

  1. The Power of Letting Go By John Purkiss

Want to drop everything that is holding you back? John Purkiss’s The Power of Letting Go will help you achieve it.

The author is a strong believer in dropping everything that holds us back and says if you learn to let go, your life will take off. The book focuses on why we should let go and how we can do it, using the most practical and proven techniques to make things happen.

This is because when you let go, you live intuitively – leaving everything behind. You are no longer attached to things or persons being in a certain way and accept them as they are. This power of clinging to the present moment gives you a leap ahead in your life.

So, if you are interested in how to live in the present, enjoy each moment, and let go of the thoughts that pull you back in the runs of your life, then this book is for you.

  1. Raising Good Humans By Hunter Clarke-Fields MSAE

Raising good humans is a fresh and wise approach to mindful parenting. As the title suggests, this book is about breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and raising kind, confident, and compassionate kids.

Hunter Clarke believes that a kinder world starts with kind and compassionate kids. To raise good humans, you need powerful and practical strategies that prevent you from becoming reactive and raise your kids kindly and confidently.

If you are searching for a book that teaches parents, especially moms, how to be mindful and practice calmness when difficult emotions arrive, this book is the one to go with. While reading Raising Good Humans, you will discover strategies for cultivating respectful communication, effective conflict resolution, and reflective listening.

Best Books For Moms: My Pick

All the above listed books are specially written while keeping moms in mind. These books not only provide the best strategies to raise kids and how to be good parents but also describe the approaches to excel in every walk of life.

Although all the books have something unique in them, which makes them very special to read, if you ask me to pick one, I will go with The Power of Letting Go By John Purkiss.

The reason behind this is that we come across things that do not go our way at one point or the other. We face confrontation, hostility, and whatnot – from children or our social circle.

But the best thing to do in this situation is to let it go. I know this is easier said than done, which is why this book is so close to my heart, as it teaches very practical and effective strategies.

Hence, if you want mental peace and calmness in your life, The power of letting go should be your first read.

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